: Escalade CDV / Coupe DeVille

Lord Cadillac
04-01-11, 12:26 AM

Consumer Guide Automotive has learned that Cadillac is preparing a version of the brand’s popular Escalade SUV to compete in the coupe-styled-utility segment. Sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, tell us the new truck will be called Escalade CDV. (We suspect that CDV is a not-so-subtle tip of the hat to Cadillac’s legendary Coupe de Ville moniker.) Said to offer “comfortable seating for as many as 4 passengers,” Escalade CDV is set to be the first American entry in the coupe-style-utility segment, which also includes the Acura ZDX and BMW X6.

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04-01-11, 12:32 AM
What is this? It looks like to Aztec!

04-01-11, 12:41 AM
Now that's what we need, a two door "Aztec" inspired hatchback called a Coupe de Ville! Tell me it aint so Joe!

04-01-11, 12:43 AM


If you're going to do a 2 door Escalade, this general shape is about the only thing that will work:

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcShi5k2_bR2IuMcm4akoMbTkrFf4zJuR X4Xeocy2w5w-a5_uvDFfQ&t=1

I have also seen a wild custom 2 door Tahoe on the GMT800 chassis. Talked to the owner, said he took a Suburban, cut the rear doors out, and shortened the frame. Kind of pointless, but it did look cool in its orange paint and 12" of lift with huge tires.

04-01-11, 12:50 AM
Terrible Aztek rendering.


cadillac kevin
04-01-11, 12:59 AM
wheres my 2012 cimarron? ;)

04-01-11, 01:45 AM
What's today's date?

04-01-11, 03:25 PM
Thank God it's April 1. Otherwise, this abomination might have been real.

The Raven
04-01-11, 03:41 PM
Yeah, a better concept render MIGHT have helped this idea pass as real. Remember when Car and Driver magazine played the automotive world big time by revealing the "upcoming" resurrection of American Motors Co? THAT was a good one. They had very professional looking (and actually pretty cool) renders of the "new" Gremlin and Javelin. Now THAT was a good prank.

04-02-11, 01:00 AM
The Escatruck was a good one...this is sick, sad, and wrong...

04-02-11, 01:07 AM
Cadillac ZDX6