: Guys that switched from sedan to coupe, impressions??

03-31-11, 07:52 PM
Just what the title sez, I know a few of you made the switch and wondered what your observations are now that you've driven them awhile.


03-31-11, 08:34 PM
Thank god for the rear back up camera! The C pillars are hugh blind spots. I'm a grandfather and do't see me putting my grandson's in my V because it doesn't seat 6! So i traded my sedan for my coupe and love the new look. It doesn't look like all the other CTS's on the road. i still have a back seat, alittle tight but hey I don't sit there! 95% of the time it will just have a jacket sitting on it. I had my exhaust moded yesterday, removed crushed pipes from cats to H pipe and removed the second set of cats. Sounds good, did the same mode to my sedan. Over all it looks and feels like a sport car but with a back seat, and the six speed reminds me that it's a bad ass ride. I have the silver, w ebony interior, sun roof, nav, painted wheels, recaros and swade sterring wheel/shifter.

I'm still stoked with my decision to trade my sedan.

Mike P.