: THERMISTOR bypass!

03-31-11, 11:16 AM
hey guys and gals ! ok maybe i have this question posted in the right place now here is the problem 1996 eldorado etc. dtc.1312 and 1314 which are high side temp sensor . low side temp sensor. parts are almost impossible to get here in cancun .1 month wait for mr goodwrench parts service! i would like to put a RESISTOR in the circuit for the temp sensor i read one post where a guy did this without any problem . the question is what type of resistor with what ohm values should i install!? i know it is not the correct thing to do but it is hot down here and i think with the computer not seeing an open circuit on both switches (with the resistor in place) it should work! any ideas on resistance would be greatly appreciated!!

04-06-11, 12:11 PM
ok i guess i understand why i didnt get any replies ,! because its just not advisable to alter the electronics or computer inputs or outputs of an exquisitely designed eldorado!! but desperate times call for desperate measures! after verifying that the a/c system had been properly evauated replaced o-ring on low pressure switch (near the accumaltor,, a common source of leaks) talked with the local a/c guru who assured me that CADILLAC was almost the only car with a similar setup of 2 TEMPERATURE SENSORS and by bypassing them should not affect system performance or safety in any way (as those switches only come in to play when a catastrophic engine cooling problem occurs!!) and have NOTHING TO DO WITH COMPRESSOR OR SYSTEM PERFORMANCE!!!. so off the electronics store buy 2 1WATT 1000k RESISTORS,PLUG THEM IN TO THE CONNECTORS FOR THE SWITCHS ,AND VOILA NO MORE 1312 AND 1314 ,REMOVED MY RELAY JUMPER, HOOKED UP MY GAUGES, CHARGED WITH 2 LBS OF 134-A , SYSTEM FUNCTIONS NORMALLY, VERY NICE!.. THE acm,OR PCM DOESNT USE THESE TWO SENSORS FOR REGULATING COMPRESSOR ON OFF CYCLES OR ANY THING ELSE THEY ONLY DISABLE THE COMPRESSOR IF AN ANOMALY OCCURS! THANKS FOR EVERYONES HELP!...COOL IN CANCUN!!!

07-16-11, 12:13 PM
worked for me two I've by passed the anti theft on the key too with resistors measured the ohms on my key and spliced in the same resistance on the column to get my car to start! (saved over $600's):cool: this car of mine 00 eldorado at 150k miles is draining me lil by lots!! have to look for anyway to save cuz single mom and only car! looks great still just now having hard time keeping up the mechanics once it hit 140k everything started to go. the convertor, the alt, the ac comp, the bat, the rad. hose, the radiator, the serp belt, the rear shocks,(which i can't afford:worship:) that is horrible hate the low floaty ride! but at least it still goes! now ac leaking on floor board!!! :rant2:

07-17-11, 12:08 PM
now ac leaking on floor board!!!

If you're getting fresh water (A/C condensate) on the floor mats (not sweetish-smelling slippery coolant) then the condensate drain in the evaporator pan is clogged. With the car up on a lift, at the bottom edge of the firewall where it turns into "floor pan". Find a small black angled drain fitting, just about in front of where the passenger's left foot would be. Clean it out with compressed air or thin wire. That fitting should drip water whenever the A/C is ON, particularly during hot, humid mornings.