: ignition switch keeps blowing on 02 deville

03-31-11, 02:31 AM
The mechanic shop finally was able to get my 2002 deville started, with the ignition switch fuse. They said it fired right up, idled for 15 minutes, and then the fuse blew again when driven for 30 feet they said. They did it a second time, and it didn't blow, but do you guys think the switch itself might be bad (and would this throw a code)? They still think there is a short somewhere, but I'm guessing this had to happen to somebody here . Another thought is the ignition module/coil pack panels. The car has missfired when pretty hot for some time now.

07-25-11, 07:45 AM
I now have exact issue with 2003 SLS. What was the problem?

07-25-11, 09:15 AM
Deville has one type of ignition switch, SLS is different. The 2000+ Sevilles had an ignition switch recall.

Each of these cars ^^^ has two coil cassettes and two ICMs - one in the leg of each cassette - driven by the PCM.

If the mileage is over 100,000 it's time for plugs, maybe connector boots and an EGR, TB, and IAC cleaning