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03-30-11, 11:06 PM
Hey Im at the 120k miles or whatever it is (sorry dont have my manual with me) When I take it in, what will they be checking for, and how much should I be expecting to pay? Any heads up will be appreciated

03-31-11, 09:20 PM
What's wrong? Why are you taking it in? If it had the 100k mile service, you should be good to go to 150k.

If you skipped 100K, it's past time for transmission fluid. N* benefits from throttle-body cleaning every 50k. Check the air filter, it might be OK if ever changed. In my opinion, the rest of the recommended service can all be done at 150k. If you do decide to have the spark plugs replaced as recommended, be sure to use OEM plugs.

Just change the oil with Mobil1 when the car asks, get tires and brakes when needed and drive it like you stole it. Fix it when it breaks and have fun!

03-31-11, 10:17 PM
without knowing what has and hasn't been done maintenance-wise it's tough to say what should be done

you might want to call and ask them what their planning on doing/checking

STS guy
04-09-11, 09:20 AM
My dealer is trying to get me to flush and replace the brake fluid and the power steering fluid. I'm at 63,000+ miles on a 2006 STS with the N* engine. I don't know if they are just trying to get $ out of me or not. They say that is required at 60,000 miles. I don't see that in the owners manual. Seems to me they try to turn about $300 on every service visit.

STS guy

04-09-11, 10:49 AM
I would take a look at the steering and brake fluids. If they aren't dark, I would not bother to change them.

04-09-11, 12:22 PM
If its not required in the owners manual, its not required - period. Only puts $ in dealer's pocket.

04-09-11, 03:17 PM
Both may extend the life of those systems. What are your plans for this car?

If you've had a brake job, the brakes should have been bled and I think there's no value in a flush. If not (or the person doing the job took shortcuts) there is a good chance the brake fluid has picked up water and various parts are getting corroded.

If you haven't had a brake job, plan on one. I don't think many members get past 60,000 miles without brake pads.

Power steering issues aren't rare among forum members. If the fluid is dirty, problems are more likely and a flush makes some sense. If it's full and relatively clean, I think it's a waste.

In either case, I wouldn't pay Cadillac Dealer prices (labor & supplies) for these service items. A good independent shop can do either of these for a third less total cost, maybe half.

STS guy
04-09-11, 06:57 PM
O.K. Thanks for the input.

STS guy

STS guy
04-12-11, 12:11 PM
I have the Cadillac bumper-to-bumper warranty. I bought it used (2 years old) and they included the b-to-b warranty. I plan to drive it until at least 2013 when the warranty runs out. So far warranty has covered a new torque converter, power lumbar repair on driver side seat, and new water pump. I would never have known about the torque converter problem without info I learned on this forum. I once had an after-market warranty on a Chrysler. It was not good. I would never recommend an after-market warranty.

STS guy