: 07 escalade lowering?

03-30-11, 08:05 PM
I want to level out my escalade. I don't want to lower the front just the rear. I found a kit that lowers the rear 2". I want it to sit level and not sag in the back. Is 2" enough or should i go 3"? Whats everyone running now? What kit should i get? What should i stay away from? Thanks

03-31-11, 12:55 AM
If you lay a ruler across the tires on the right side on the front and back (the left varies more with fuel and driver) and then measure the distance to the upper lip it will tell you how much is needed to level the vehicle. But this measurement must be done with the vehicle NOT running to ensure that the autoleveling has NOT raised the rear. For minimum expense, most four wheel shops or truck shops can do this by cutting the rear springs a small amount for a static change and then have the rod bent or shortened on the height sensors attached to the upper rear trailing arms so that it maintains this height under varying rear loads. Three inches sounds like too much to me. Make sure that if you use a kit that it has instructions/shorter arms/spacers to set the autoleveling correctly. Ground Force uses a spacer under the autoleveling mount to compensate for dropping the rear. Some others use a shorter link or have you bend the existing link to get the autoleveling correct. Another approach is to take the fuze out for the Auto level control so it cannot autolevel, make the appropriate physical changes to make it level, and put the fuze back in and adjust the height LINK/sensor by whatever method you prefer to maintain that height under heavier loads. Just make sure that all air is out of the auto leveling system before making measurement/changes. Edit...in rereading this it seems I have contradicted myself and made this confusing. Static leveling/measuring must be done with auto leveling disabled and no air in system, i.e. engine not running, ignition off, air purged, or the rear shocks disengaged at the bottom. Then it is pure spring ride height which can be matched to the front. Once that is correct then the auto leveling system can be restored and adjustment made to it to maintain that ride height under additional loading. Some people use spacers in the FRONT springs to level the vehicle by raising the front to match the back.

03-31-11, 02:46 PM
I did a rear only drop some years ago. Here's the thread with pictures.