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03-30-11, 01:41 PM
All -
I sent the support team at CoastalEtech a list of questions after installing my GMX500. Below are the questions I asked and the answers. I hope you find this helpful if you have some of the same questions:

1) When playing music through my ipod, I can't change the songs up/down with the up/down buttons on the steering wheel. I must use the knob on the right side of the radio.

If the radio is on manual mode then you are able to use the steering wheel buttons, if you are using the new apple designed ipod out feature then the steering wheel buttons will work to change playlists on the menu but not songs up and down.

2) I find it frustrating to use the mute button to activate the GMX550. It seems odd that in order to initiate the module I have to mute whatever I'm listening to twice. It drives me and my kids nuts when I mute the movie they are watching even though it's only for a split second.

The mute button is used to activate the lockpick we have used it this way for years. Basically it has to be a command the radio that is not normal so that the lockpick is able to be turned on only when the user means for it to be engaged and not accidentally.

3) I was disappointed to find out that when playing a video through my ipod, that it only works on the front screen.

You have the option of bringing that to the rear screen as well. You would run an RCA cable from the audio/video output the GMX550 provides to the input on the rear screen.

4) Getting video to play from the ipod is clunky. Why can't it be from the menu just like playing music? I find it frustrating that I have to initiate the movie on the device when it's tucked away in my console to play a movie.

This is an apple design menu and that is how is is designed to turn on video only from the physical device..

5) When playing music through the ipod, it constantly has this Check surroundings message on the top of the screen.

This is an overlay that the radio puts onto the screen, just like a camera it will remain on.

5) When playing music through the ipod, I miss having a clock on the nav like it always is on the standard window in the upper right corner

Because you are playing a video using the graphics out mode and the apple designed menu the radio is not designed to show the time (same as when a movie is plying it does not display the time on the screen).

6) The GMX550 ipod menu isn't that graphically pleasing.

If this is referring to the graphics out menu that is software built into the ipod/iphone/ipad we take advantage of this mode but did not design it.

7) When the DVD player is unlocked, I can't seem to re-lock it. I've pressed the mute button twice ...nothing. I've pressed the mute button four times and selected DVD in motion Off....nothing. Any suggestions?

To disengage the DVD player press the mute button 4 times and turn it off using the lockpick menu setting.

8) Which override option (if any) should I be using for my 2010 Escalade?

most escalade owners use mode 4 because then you do not do anything to enable the dvd player. if you want to have to enable the dvd play in motion use mode 3.

03-30-11, 02:22 PM
I don't understand why they didn't make the unit turn on and stay on everytime you start the vehicle???

What is the reason for turning it on and off?

Why would you want it turned off?

03-30-11, 02:25 PM
Great info thanks for the post

03-30-11, 06:37 PM
I don't understand why they didn't make the unit turn on and stay on everytime you start the vehicle???

What is the reason for turning it on and off?

Why would you want it turned off?

Navigation accuracy is reduced in this mode because it is not receiving inputs from the speed sensor.