: left turns/bends+bumps, odd squeak.

03-30-11, 07:38 AM
So I'm completely baffled by this. Every time I make a left turn, I get a chirping/squeaking sound coming from what sounded like my radio.

I tore out everything I could besides the dash itself. (Glove box, defroster trim, radio, lighter assembly, radio ring, both kick panel trims, the knee part under the steering wheel, the metal shroud under it, the shifter, the 2 bolts in the front of the center console, the black metal thing on the transmission hump, and the trim above the steering wheel in front of the instrument panel)

I found nothing.

Is there anything under the car that would make such an awful sound?

03-30-11, 11:18 AM
Motor mounts.

your maker
03-30-11, 12:40 PM
open your trunk on the left side there is the amp for the radio. go to were the spare tire suppose to be and lift the black insert if you have water in there this means the carpet where the amp is located is touching wet carpet and you will get radio interference

03-31-11, 10:06 PM
is the amp turned on with the car, or with the radio? the radio was pulled out while i tested. I know I have had water in there before, but I drilled a hole in my spare tire well and the problem completely went away.