: Gasoline smell in car please help!!!

03-30-11, 01:07 AM
I am smelling a strong smell of gas inside my 98 cadillac catera. I am thinking that it is either a defective fuel line or fuel canister. I did not see any fuel spilling onto the ground, or see any gas leaking around the fuel lines connecting to the fuel rails. Could it be the gas tank itself? The car starts up also and this smell has been present for the past 2 days.:ill:

I am very worried because I have had bad experiences with another car I had that went up in flames due to a gas leak.:bomb:

Any help to target this smell of gas would be greatly appreciated.:D

03-30-11, 08:18 AM
I believe that that the fuel filter is on the right hand side of the car. Maybe leaking from that. It is between the front and rear tires.

03-30-11, 01:00 PM
i smell fuel when I start my car in the mornings when its cold. then about 2 min its disapated.. IDK what causes it. and no one seems to smell it but me..
I would be ver interested to know.. I have considered the option that there is a gasket leak and when the motor wars up it seals. the smell is only there when cold start in the morning. the rest of the day its fine. and if the weather is warm, no smell.

PS my fuel filter was replaced less than a year ago.