: Help Identify This

03-30-11, 12:55 AM
I was poking around in the headliner today, and found this fabric wrapped in red plastic. The plastic was cut already too. Does anyone know what this is or if there is anything inside; like fiber optics or something? It actiually reminds me of a thin Kevlar fabric. It's slippery and has a bigger weave to it. Thanks.

03-30-11, 01:19 AM
part of your airbag assembly - airbag is located in the top headliner area on the left of the driver, and on the right of the passenger seats

be very careful poking around in there...

03-30-11, 01:32 AM
I should add too, that looking at the background of the picture, and the fact you're taking it from the passenger door, that is absolutely the airbag. don't get hurt!

03-30-11, 01:47 AM
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the air bag, thanks.

03-30-11, 08:56 AM
Hmm was your car in a wreck before? I dont think that was supposed to be cut open.

03-30-11, 11:20 AM
the airbag material (white) is definitely supposed to be showing i'm pretty sure. at least it's the same in my car and every other V1 i've looked at.

I was thinking perhaps the entire airbag assembly comes in the red 'sheath', and then cadillac, once it's installed, opens the sheath on the one side so the airbag has somewhere to go when it deploys, instead of just blowing up the headliner.

03-30-11, 01:02 PM
Looks like a cartel shipment.

03-30-11, 01:49 PM

Seriously, though, definitely looks like something we shouldn't be playing around with....

BTW, what's that thing hanging down from the front of your sunroof shade?

03-30-11, 02:42 PM
It's all the voice commands that we can use. I'm learning them one by one.

03-30-11, 11:16 PM
huh? where did you get that list of voice commands!? can you send it to me please? i don't see it in my manual =(

03-31-11, 01:08 AM
It was on here somewhere from another guy who had a link. I'll go try and find it.

03-31-11, 01:23 AM
It's under "Voice Activated Sound System" from February 2011. I couldn't figure how to post the link.

03-31-11, 11:48 AM
This looks more like someone was looking to make a stash in your car.

03-31-11, 12:07 PM
Try this thread http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2008-cadillac-cts-general-discussion/143958-2008-cts-voice-commands.html

And this video from Cadillac www.cadillac.com/owners/how-to-videos/ctsVSedan (click on How to use voice recognition system)

03-31-11, 01:44 PM
This looks more like someone was looking to make a stash in your car.

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