: 2011 CTS-V Sedan BOOKIN

03-29-11, 07:45 PM
Hello guys i just finish joining the forum and i just want to say hello and see if anyone here is in the ft.lauderdale/ miami area and knows any good meets to go with my V. I have a few ideas for her but for now she is lowered on forged wheels with and intake and corsa mufflers. i have ideas for headers and tune in May, and maybe a pulley sometime later this year. Also if anyone knows who I am or has seen me before dont be a stranger and say whatsup. If you want to see my V i havnt posted any pictures yet but if you type into google "cts-v forged" and click images I am the black V with black wheels in the professional photos done by a friend of mine. There is maybe 3-4 photos on there but i will have them up on here soon. So again i just came to see whutsup and hope everyone loves their V's as much as i do.

03-29-11, 08:22 PM

03-29-11, 08:45 PM

Nice looking V. I like the black wheels, sure look good. What springs did you use to lower your V?

03-29-11, 09:14 PM
the D3 sport springs... such a great stance i love these springs

03-29-11, 09:23 PM
Saw your car over on 6speedonline. Looks great and welcome aboard.


03-29-11, 09:36 PM
thanks mark greatly appreciate it


03-29-11, 09:43 PM
Can you post some detailed photos of your wheels.. Thx

03-29-11, 10:11 PM
if you go to my profile and look at my album i have the complete detailed photoshoot.

03-29-11, 10:36 PM
love the shoot..



03-30-11, 07:01 AM
thanks man!

03-30-11, 09:45 AM
Alain is good peeps over there at 360. I'll be getting my 21" monoblocs very soon for my black coupe.

03-30-11, 10:04 AM
yea man he really is... they hooked me up with a good price since i did the shoot with them.

03-30-11, 12:15 PM
Bookin: I'm in South Florida and have also expressed interest in attending/organizing some meets. I know there are quite a few V's down here and I'm pondering organizing a get-together if there's enough interest.

03-30-11, 01:10 PM
Im deffinelty all for it. There are many badass V's down here. 2 in particular part of the strasse forged wheels crew, with one one of them at 669rwhp. i woud love to meet up as a group please let me know if anything happenes.