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Dr. Design
03-29-11, 07:42 PM

D3 Supercooler

Intercooler / Heat Exchanger

In the world of competitive motorsports HEAT SOAK becomes our number 1 enemy!

With excessive amounts of heat cars do not perform the way they are intended to. The D3 Intercooler has been designed to eliminate all possibilities of heat soak in competition environments. The D3 intercooler is a core product used on the entire fleet of D3 race cars ranging from 500HP to over 1000HP.

The D3 Super Intercooler was born out of necessity on the race track and perfected to fit only CTS-V automobiles. This means it is the maximum fit possible for the CTS-V, no other intercooler available is the size nor has the raw cooling power of The D3 Super Cooler Intercooler.

The D3 Super Cooler has been designed in CAD and Solid Works to be the ultimate intercooler/heat exchanger solution for Cadillac CTS-V automobiles allowing it to maximize the cooling using every square inch of surface area possible and still fit the OEM bumper without cutting or modifications to the body work.

The Intercooler/Heat Exchanger core provides the perfect balance between heat exchanging efficiency and air flow allowing for substantial amounts of cooling. On ultra-high boost applications (13+ PSI) we have recorded consistent temperatures of only +10 over ambient!

The D3 Super Intercooler/Heat Exchanger system features all aluminum construction utilizing ACQ (Air Craft Quality Aluminum) that has been tig welded and pressure tested up to 150 PSI and includes everything required for installation. No additional parts are need to be purchased.

$1,295 | USD


Option -

Intercooler Pump Kit

20 Gallon Per Minute Intercooler Pump (up from the Factory 9 GPM)

In the world of competitive motorsports HEAT SOAK becomes our number 1 enemy!

The D3 Intercooler Pump Kit is designed to work with both the D3 Suepr Intercooler as well as the OEM Heat Exchanger.

Kit includes our precision manufactured D3 Laser Cut Intercooler Pump Bracket, AM Fittings, and High Temp Hoses.

$395 | USD

For more information on these products or any of our other D3 components, please feel free to contact us at 562-595-8518 or email info@d3rd.com

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Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

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03-30-11, 09:33 AM
Do you have IAT logs for HDPE events, etc? That things is massive, so I'm sure it works well.

Curious to see what impact it has on the radiator performance as well...

Dr. Design
03-30-11, 01:22 PM

We ran a car making 16.5psi on the dyno 5 consecutive times with about 30 seconds between runs, all back to back. Ambient temperature was 88 degrees. We recorded IAT2's at the top of the 5th run at 117 degrees. Compared to roughly the same combination, less the D3 Super Intercooler and ran through the same test at the same psi level, we measured IAT2's at 190 degrees. What does that mean? Well the higher your IAT2's are the less timing you can run. Less timing equals less power. In addition to that the amount of heat soak will zap any other power the car had by pulling out additional timing.

When overspinning a supercharger it is important to keep in mind they have an operating range they like to work in for best thermal & adiabatic efficiency. When adding more than 3 psi over stock you should really look into increasing the ability for the intercooler to dissipate heat. The results are very impressive and the performance is ultra consistent.

We typically do not log IAT's at HDPE events as they do not allow laptops in the cars when competing. However the drive did not even indicate the slightest bit of heat soak or degradation in power during the 20 minutes stints in anger. Pretty good considering we have substantially increased power with extreme levels of efficiency.

I know when we were testing this combination on the dyno we did multiple runs. Looking at some of the temps across the board, you would have never guessed the car was being pushed to extreme levels as all the temps were well within their comfort zone.

Please let us know if there are any questions.

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

Do you have IAT logs for HDPE events, etc? That things is massive, so I'm sure it works well.

Curious to see what impact it has on the radiator performance as well...