View Full Version : Headlight and Fogs

03-29-11, 06:47 PM
Hello Luke, I have an 04 black CTS V and am looking for headlights with washer both sides. Also will the STS fogs work for the CTS V? Are any wiring mods needed? I really don't want a cheap aftermarket. What about clear sidemarkers as well. Shipping to southeast PA. with an estimated time.


Lindsay Cadillac Parts
03-30-11, 07:50 AM
Headlamps are $780.00 each. the STS-V fog lamps work on the CTS-V, they are about $235.00 each. GM didnt make any clear side markers.

03-30-11, 11:34 AM
what are the retail costs? I am getting the car repainted and some items replaced due to PA and their cinders mixed with salt. Its all covered under ins. claim.

03-31-11, 07:00 PM
Are the sts fogs HID or just regular clear fogs?

03-31-11, 07:01 PM
Looking to order week of the 12th of April. Can you have these to me within a few days?