: 1999 eldo strut

03-29-11, 04:41 PM
did the eldo suspension stay the same from 96 till 02? i know the seville changed in 98 but did the eldo remain unchanged during its lifetime? can a 96 front strut bolt into place of a 2000 eldo? not asking about electrical hookups or sensors. just the strut body.

johnny kannapo
03-30-11, 01:23 AM
I believe they are dimensionally the same. There has to be some differences with the way it processes inputs or outputs to the controllers. The 1996 seems to be a transitional year for most the electronics. As far as the chassis controls the 96 RSS system didn't have the yaw & steering sensors that were introduced in 1997 as CVRSS, I think the EBTCM had more advanced functions.

It's all rather confusing some of these parts are being sold online that claim fit 94 thru 97, 95 thru 97, some are exclusive to 1996 only. It's difficult to trust a part will be correct. The hassle if something is incorrect can end up being a monster problem.

Lots of conflicting info has left me with a vague general knowledge of what is what year to year. The only thing I can say is fact is that a lot changes took place during 3 yrs of RSS and 10yrs of CVRSS not to forget about Stabilitrack & Magride. I am loosing interest in pursuing the subject.

03-30-11, 10:59 AM
was wondering if the later eldo struts would bolt into a 96 seville? i see monroe and kyb struts for later eldos but no listings for 95-96 sevilles. i think it is due to the electronic issues, not dimensional issues. not interested in arnott or other suppliers. the 98 passive kyb struts for seville are $65 while the passive struts for 99 eldo are $145?