View Full Version : THE Cadillac Event of the Year...Happening in the NE. Don't Miss It!!

Lorie Seadale
03-29-11, 07:48 AM
The Orleans County Fair in Barton, Vermont, childhood home of the inventor of the Cadillac, Henry M. Leland, will be holding a record breaking event during our fair, beginning August, 17-21, 2011.

The current Guinness World Record for the Largest Cadillac Parade: A total of 102 Cadillac cars participated in a parade at the Cadillac Oldtimer Festival held in Leimuiderbrug, the Netherlands, on 18 August 2002.

Please, visit our blog at Vermontís Orleans County Fair News Blog http://vermontsocfnews.blogspot.com/ for up to date information as soon as an exact confirmed date and time and pre-registration forms as soon as they are available.

05-07-11, 11:01 PM
:thumbsup: Can't wait! I've already got my forms and will be mailing them in shortly.

08-11-11, 11:45 PM
I guess I'm late hearing about this and posting it. Sorry.

I'll be there