: First Post... some old & some new gripe..s

03-29-11, 01:31 AM
I now have 3700 miles on my SRX and I have found a few of some repeated gripes.. Thumping in rear on some bumps and memory seat problems. Here are 2 new ones. Bluetooth phone connection turns cell phone off and on when paired. This is happening on my second phone now. First phone (LG on Verizon) worked for about 2 weeks before turning the phone off.
Got new Verizon Samsung phone and having the same problem with first pairing.
Next new problem.. no heat out of rear vents for rear seat passengers.
Has anyone else found these problems?
I have not had time to return to dealer yet, but I will pass on the results when I do.
Thanks for any help.

Smokin' SRX
03-29-11, 10:43 AM
Never heard about that phone issue? Seems improbable that it turns it OFF? Keep checking/have Dealer Sales guy do the pairing. They're usually are quite good at it. (especially the younger ones) There is a GM cell compatibility list on the web. (do not have handy) Some phones not completely compatible, but I thought 2011 fixed that................

Is "thump" the gas sloshing around? Common post. Try w/ full tank!

There is a TSB on the 2011 re; Heat/AC vents/blower problems. Simple re-program cures. Call Dealer for appt. :-)

Likewise the Memory seats. This sled has as many computers as the Space Shuttle!

Good luck and WELCOME! Lotsa good folks/info here.