: 89 brougham, can you rebuild or repair the wiper switch?

03-28-11, 11:19 PM
I have the wipers "always on" problem with a new pump circuit board assembly. Before the new board, there was nothing from the wipers, no movement, no pump action other than a faint click when you pushed the wash button.

If I can't find a dash switch, has anyone ever taken one of these apart and fixed/cleaned it?

03-28-11, 11:58 PM
The switch is an AC DELCO part (#D6378A); you can get it at Advance Auto, or any other AC DELCO distributor. You can also order one from rockauto (http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/x,carcode,1027202,parttype,4856).

03-29-11, 12:41 AM
Good news. i was thinking boneyard or nothing. Thank you!

03-29-11, 08:29 PM
Are you sure it's the dash switch? I've replaced the dash switch too many times in Broughams with this issue. The common issue seems to be in the wiper motor relay? But that sounds like the circuit board on the motor. I do know that I've had to replace the motor to to fix the prob, even if the motor itself was good (just a bad relay). When you say pump, are you talking about the washer pump or the wiper motor?


03-31-11, 11:14 PM
Yes, I am sure the switch was part of the problem. A new switch, 59.00 at AutoZone, which surprised me, fixed the "won't turn off" problem. Now I have low, high, off, and washer. No delay. It looks like the O'Reilly guys may have sold me the wrong pump/circuit board some time ago, or the whole motor assembly is bad. I'm not 100% sure if the delay is controlled in the motor relay inside the assembly, or in the pump circuit board on top of the assembly.

They now work, they wash, they park correctly, I'm happy for now...

cadillac kevin
04-01-11, 12:09 AM
$59 yikes. I would have tried my luck with junkyard switches first.
heres what the FSM says to do about no delay.
when you replace the timing circuit, you can either buy a new one or get a handful of them at the junkyard for less $.

04-01-11, 10:25 AM
Check the switch you got. They come with and without delay.