: Auto transmission Information

03-28-11, 02:52 PM

Finally talked to the transmission place I told you I would

They said they are building transmissions that are easily holding 800 rwhp for the caddies and vettes. They are also building ones that will handle over 1000rwhp.

Obviously every build is different and so does the prices, but they are legit.

They also said and recommended to put the biggest tranny cooler on you can stuff in the car. The transmissions run hot and the cooler you can keep it the better and longer it will last.

Call them up and Ask to talk to Glen. Good guy and tell him I sent you. PM me anyone if you want more details but since they are not a vendor on here pretty sure I can't post it. I always get confused lol.


03-29-11, 12:13 AM
Thanks for doing the legwork.

03-29-11, 12:37 AM
Dom, I am interested. Can you PM me the contact info?

03-29-11, 05:19 AM
Me to.... Im heading to Watkins Glen in May and don't want to hurt my girl....