: HELP!!! my V wont start. Not getting fuel but will start when pump jumped

03-27-11, 05:54 PM
Please help. I have a family trip in a week and need my car. Recently had headers put on, clutch, radiator, engine mounts, and some various parts replaced on the suspension. My mechanic decided to drop the cradle and removed the engine as he felt it was easier. Everything is back together but it won't start. He got it running when he jumped a wire to the fuel pump.

He thinks that maybe he might have missed a ground? Any thoughts???? I was scheduled for an allignment tomorrow and a tune in a couple days as I need to leave on my trip. I am afraid I won't have a car!! He hooked up his scanner but hasn't figured it out. Any help would be appreciated greatly as I don't know what to do.

03-27-11, 05:55 PM
Check here for various grounds: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-general/150519-damn-high-oil-temp-alarms-here.html

03-27-11, 06:51 PM
Which wire did he jump?

Hot or ground?

You may have blown the fuel pump fuse.

03-28-11, 10:54 PM
Fuses are good. There is not power going to the fuel pump relay. If you apply power to it, the pump will go and car will run. I was told that the power runs from the ignition to the relay. My mechanic is trying to track it down but so far, he has not found the problem but is trying to track down a broken wire etc. Any help???? If I don't get this fixed tomorrow, I am going to be in really bad shape! Is there a particular ground that he should be checking?

03-28-11, 11:30 PM
Go here:


Check 5-113

Are you sure your key isn't damaged?

03-29-11, 07:31 AM
Im pretty sure that the key is fine. It is my spare, but I drove to the shop with it and it worked fine before. I will try my key when I go back over there. I told him about the alternator and he states everything is hooked up good. I appreciate the info. Heavy, your disk went out yesterday. All I can do is hope that he figures it out today.

03-29-11, 07:40 AM
Specifically, the fuse box under the rear seat has a relay for the fuel pump. That is the one that is not getting power to turn on the pump but the pump will run if power is added. I am also pretty sure that he said that power was coming from the ignition so somewhere inbetween is the problem.

03-29-11, 09:50 AM
You said you had the clutch replaced. Look for a pinched harness between the bell housing and trans.

Also their are grounds on the back of each head (one driver, two passenger). Check those out and make sure they are attached.

03-29-11, 06:35 PM
power doesnt come from the ignition... its from the PCM to the relay. if it runs by doing nothing but jumping power to the relay, (control, not load side) then youre most likely looking at a broken wire or bad connection, security or any failed inputs shouldnt let the car run as well as not power the pump relay. its a pretty simple circuit, drk grn and wht wire, goes from PCM in lower lh engine bay to C101 behind the under-hood fuse box, and then back to the rt rear fuse box. considering the work that was done, id be looking at the engine harness and the connectors at the PCM and behind the U-H fuse box pretty hard. good luck.