: 95 seville smokes tons at idle after sitting for a year

03-27-11, 05:49 PM
car has about 170k. ran synthetic oil. never smoked. run pristine. was parked about a year following a nonsynthetic oil change. now smokes like a freight train when I start it. continously. oil and coolant at normal levels. no miss. will not clear out. smoke is whitish blue. no real odor. massive amounts. any idea where to start first?

03-27-11, 06:47 PM
have you tried to just run and drive the hell out of it ?
might just be build up for sitting
then again at times i have no idea what im talking about but just guessing here so
we all learn from our mistakes and if im not guessing on the right track im sure ill hear about it lol

but have you actualy taken it out on the highway beat on it a bit and it still smokes ?

03-27-11, 11:23 PM
If it smokes that bad it has to have an odor. Go back and smell it. It should smell like gas, oil or coolant. Report back and will give us an idea of what direction to point you in.

03-31-11, 08:40 AM
smells like gas. Thanks a bunch for the replies you all.

03-31-11, 11:36 AM
Then you either have a ruptured diaphragm in the FPR or a stuck open injector. The FPR is the more likely and easiest to check and replace.

04-01-11, 08:49 AM
Ill round up a FPR to switch out and post my findings. Thanks you all so much

04-01-11, 09:22 PM
I'd check it before just throwing parts at it. It's very easy to check.