: DTE 3rd Annual "Big Guns" Horsepower Shootout/Open Dyno Day

Dynotech Engineering
10-05-04, 10:34 PM

It's that time of year again for DTE's 2004, 3rd. Annual "Big Guns" Horsepower Shootout, Open Dyno Day, Car Show and Swap Meet on Saturday, October 16th! :cheers:

This year's event will be even bigger and more exciting than the previous years because we've added additional events of interest that are taking place all over our facility grounds at the same time for entertainment for the whole family! Last year we had over 437 people visit DTE for this event, with 41 vehicles participating in the open dyno day and many of them producing WELL over 600+ RWHP!! Every type of performance vehicle was here in attendance; carb or EFI, ranging from ultra-high revving small block Chevy's, to 700+ HP Toyota Supra's, to blown-intercooled big block Chevy's, to the overall class winner last year...1000+ RWHP big block Chevy on nitrous!!

There are many sponsors for this year's event also and the proceeds from the sponsored items will be donated to our local Community Harvest Food Bank here in Ft. Wayne. Sponsor lists can be found in the event link below. :)

Event Details:

Car Show
There will be an open car show taking place in the front parking lot of the building all day long and any type of vehicle is welcome. Plenty of paved parking space is available and trophies will be awarded in many different classes also. DJ'd music will also be played throughout the event all day. Full details of this show can be found in the link provided below.

Auto Parts Swap Meet
There will be an auto parts swap meet next to our facility in our side yard and there is plenty of room for all. (over 10,000 sq./ft.) Come to buy, sell or swap those unused parts using the large captive automotive driven audience we typically have here at DTE throughout an event such as this. Full details of this swap meet can be found in the link provided below, along with registration forms you can download and print out.

Open Dyno Day
As usual, we will be hosting the public open dyno day for all types of vehicles, front or rear wheel drive, including trucks. Two accurate chassis dyno pulls are only $40 and the optional AFR graphing is only a one-time $15 additional. This is a first-come, first-served event and in case we run out of daylight before you can get your car on the dyno, we'll extend you a raincheck for your convenience that has no expiration date. All those who participate in this event will also receive a free DTE 2004 "Big Guns" T-shirt!

"Big Guns" Horsepower Shootout
This one is for the bragging rights of those guys who's cars have the dyno shaking power that makes people stand back when its screaming WOT on the dyno!!! Entry fee is $125 and that includes AFR graphing for all three runs. Participants in this event will also receive a free DTE 2004 "Big Guns" T-shirt, as well as the winner in each class taking home a big trophy! :cool: We take a bit more time between runs on these cars to strap them down properly in an effort to harness all that power safely and the owners are encouraged to do whatever necessary between runs to make the "money run" in their class!!! We can safely handle fully slicked drag cars from as little as 98" wheel base to a full length 250" dragster, steet cars, front wheel drive, whatever!! If you don't see anything else, see this....as nothing is more exciting to watch than seeing an open headered, blown drag car with N2o screaming its guts out at WOT on the chassis dyno!!!!

We will have 2 full-sized Sprint Car Simulators on site for those of you that think you can successfully race a life-like sprint car against another driver setting across from you!

There will also be a 2500+ HP blown Top Alcohol C5 Corvette Funny Car on display as well and if you haven't already seen what a bohemouth those blown alcohol engines are up close, you HAVE to see this thing, geeezzz!

Finally, we'll have a new 2004 H2 Hummer, Pontiac GTO and CTS-V on display and a very strong chance that Jim and Paul from Corsa Performance have their C6 Corvette here in time to debut their new exhaust system for all to hear and see on the dyno. We will have their new exhaust system for the CTS-V installed on a car for all to hear, see it run on the dyno and test drive as well!!

Food, refreshments and restroom facilities will be present and we will be raffling off cool door prizes throughout the day for everyone as well!!

All events start at 8am Indiana time and last until 5pm. Please see the link below for full details on this ever-growing event. Thanks to all and we hope to see you there to share with the fun festivities!!! :cheers:


Best Regards,
Phil- DTE

Dynotech Engineering
10-06-04, 02:23 PM