: Monroe Air Ride,

03-27-11, 04:34 PM
I'm trying to pick out a new set of shocks for my 96 Fleetwood. After much debate i've decided to go with a new set of airshocks. Been pricing both AC Delco and Monroe products. Monroe has the price advantage, my only problem is choosing between the two models they list for the car. They look quite a bit different from each other and I was wondering if one is more right then the other. Here are the two choices part# MA819 (Max-Air Air Shock) and part#58574 (Sensa-Trac Load Adjusting Shock)
What kind of experiance if any does anyone have with either model of shock. Any info would go a long way in helping me make the right choice.


03-27-11, 05:40 PM
You need the Max Airs to hook up to your Level Ride system. Believe you will need kit AK12 (going from memory) to hook them up to the stock system.

03-27-11, 07:44 PM
Ya I think your right about that adapter kit, thanks for the info. So those shocks with the coils around them, they don't hook up to the air-ride system?

03-27-11, 08:31 PM
When I did mine, I just put in standard Monroes, non adjustable ride type. I cannot tell the difference. I plugged the pressure tubes to keep them clean and disconnected the little pump on fenderwell of my 84 deville.


03-28-11, 09:31 AM
I'll bet the Sensa tracs will connect to the factory air lines. The FWD versions do for the Devilles and Park Aves. They should have better damping then the old school Max Airs too. I've got Max Airs on my Seville and have never been that impressed with them. They are old now so I can't complain too much. I already have Sensa tracs on the front and I didn't know they made them for the rear in an air assist version. Kick Ass!!!

03-28-11, 10:19 AM
Actually I was pretty set of a pair of Monroes either sensa-trac or max-air but now I think I'm going to go with a set of GM shocks front and rear (air-ride). Found good prices for the shocks at rockauto, much more reasonable then what the dealer charges.
Figure they should be good, give me the comfy ride i'm looking for.

durrk johnson
03-30-11, 07:59 PM
I have the HD Bilsteins in front and the Max-Airs in back, and I wish i would have went with HD bilsteins in the back... The rear MAx-Airs are no where near as comfortable as the stock, but then again they are alot cheaper.

03-31-11, 11:06 PM
I just put Max-Airs on my 89 with the factory air ride and they are every bit as comfortable as the old stock shocks which were on the car when I bought it in 1997. I'm surprised you found GM cheaper than Monroe, but it's a real possibility that Monroe is making the Delcos as well. I actually had a GM parts guy once tell me the Monroes were better than Delcos and recommended I go that route, especially for the money.

One thing people can do is overfill the max airs a bit and stiffen their ride if they do not have a factory set up and fill them themselves. If your factory compressor is working, you are golden. Chances are you won't need an adaptor kit if you have air shocks on there now, since they were probably long since replaced with Monroes. I know I did not need the kit, but I also am on the 3rd set (or maybe 4th) of Air Max shocks at 243000 miles... If one of your shocks has 2 air valves on it, that is probably OEM. You can convert that to Monroe with a T adapter and some airline which will come with the Monroes...

The sensa-traks will replace the air ride system with the springs on the shocks. If you want to dump the factory air ride, the load leveling Monroes will do that, or so I have heard...

04-01-11, 07:31 AM
I guess I'm mistaken. The sensa tracs for the RWD cars are a spring assist and the Sensa tracs for FWD are air assisted. Bummer. I guess Max Airs it is.