: Things to do in Chicago on foot?

03-26-11, 02:51 AM
Amtrak says that if I don't take the train before April 30th, I lose my 1840 points, worth $920 that I've been saving since 2005.

I can take any train ride I want, which means I could get on the train in suburban Kirkwood and go to Downtown St Louis and back for $16, or I could go all-out and head to Chicago and back for $43.

I've seen Chicago's Art Institute, MSI, Sears Tower, and Millennium Park. What else can I see on foot within a reasonable distance from Union Station? I like history, art, food, and museums.

I'd arrive at 10am and leave at 7pm, or maybe stay overnight somewhere.


03-26-11, 10:37 AM
man that sucks, you have to use them all up or just have some activity on the account?

03-26-11, 11:43 AM
run from muggers?


03-26-11, 12:17 PM
Bring your bike and ride along the lakeshore.
Get food obviously (Hackney's in printer's row has good burgers and is right by my place :cool2:)
Museum of Contemporary Photography (free admisison)
Museum of Contemporary Art
Michigan Avenue
Adler Planetarium
Field Museum
If you feel like taking the L up to Wilmette the Baha'i Temple is really neat

03-26-11, 02:50 PM
man that sucks, you have to use them all up or just have some activity on the account?

Just need to take a trip on a single train, no connections. So I could spend as little as $16 to go across town and back and retain all my points (I have enough so far to take a free trip across the country), but I dont know what I'd do for three hours in downtown St Louis.

03-26-11, 04:34 PM
Grab an El and catch a Cubs or Sox game. Hit a 1pm game and leave in time to make the train back for fast paced day trip.

The follow up food reviews would be awwwesome!

03-26-11, 08:18 PM
run from muggers?


:histeric: That was my first thought when I read the title.

03-26-11, 09:26 PM
Bring your bike and ride along the lakeshore.

not this week

03-27-11, 11:07 PM
Chicago by train from STL is a good way to go...but I wouldn't rush into anything. Just do the Kirkwood/Downtown route, and then go to Chicago when you want.

Only seriously...take business class...

cadillac kevin
03-28-11, 12:25 AM
I can't recommend anything to do downtown. I've only been to the south side of chicago.
some things to do while you're down there
drive on the dan ryan
rent a mexican at home depot
steal the center caps and hood ornament off someones car
eat at leonas
stand at line and get you some liquor
get mugged outside the liquor store
take pics of all the epic misspellings on store signs
get some $5/ gallon gas
don't get shot (this is very important)
I think I covered about all you can do in south chicago.

johnny kannapo
03-28-11, 12:36 AM
Take the Cabrini green tour.

Don't be a drive by.


03-28-11, 12:39 AM
Trip to Atlanta?

03-28-11, 12:40 AM
Too late. They demolished it.

03-28-11, 01:25 AM
They demolished Atlanta?

03-28-11, 01:33 AM
It's ok, they rebuilt it.

03-28-11, 10:40 AM

03-28-11, 11:28 AM
They demolished Atlanta?

My (demolished) comment was in response to post 11, the Cabrini Green tour. Ga slipped the Atlanta post in before I responded.

03-28-11, 01:03 PM
Ewe guise is silly.

03-28-11, 05:18 PM
Well if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black....

03-28-11, 11:17 PM
bring back my silverware

03-29-11, 05:42 AM
I haven't eaten soup with my hands in over a year and I'm not going back.

03-29-11, 11:02 PM