: Tire and wheel question

03-25-11, 10:02 PM
I plan on selling stock tires and wheels when i take delivery of new CTS_V coupe. whats a fair asking price.

03-26-11, 12:06 AM
There's really no way to tell until you sell them. Look at E-Bay and watch the price swings on similar items.

03-26-11, 02:40 AM
I'm interested with tires or no tires. Can't pm yet. When you take delervy

03-26-11, 05:52 PM
I'm interested too.

Caddy Wagon
03-26-11, 05:54 PM
Where are you located? That could have an affect on how much $$$ you can get for them.

03-26-11, 11:54 PM
You indicated that you want to sell both tires and wheels. However, you fail to specify whether you are getting painted or polished wheels.