: KONI SHOCKS... Pulled the trigger.

03-25-11, 04:15 PM
So after a long debate I decided to do a complete overhaul of my suspension...

New KONI adjustable shocks.... 4 corners
GTO Stiffer springs< haven't ordered yet but will do soon.
New SSBC Front brakes kit for the 05-06 GTO...
New rear calipers... < all painted either red or gold we will see.



This is gonna make for one bad ass ride... and combined with the weight savings im planning, should make for a light footed catera...

03-25-11, 06:41 PM
keep us posted with pictures and maybe step by step instructions.

03-25-11, 07:02 PM
god someone actually does mod there cat ...pics pics pics

03-25-11, 09:14 PM
LOL well at 160K miles the old ones are Id imagine quite worn out... and since its a sport they are stiffer then whats available out there...
Shocks from europe or GM will cost me over 200$/pc and these KONI Adjustable stiffnes ones were 140$/pc FR and 118$/pc RR, all externaly adjustable... so the upgrade will hit 500$ easily but will be worth it as i plan on taking the car beyond 200K since its still rust free and performs as if it had half that millage.

My old exhaust finaly gave out so the new one is on its way, X pipe and straight through mid section... should make for a loud drive but will be worth every second!...

Pics will come asap!