: Replacing air shocks- nut and bolt sizes

03-25-11, 11:58 AM
I'll be putting in Monroe Max Air shocks to replace the factory rears (60K miles on them, failed right on time) in my wifes 2000 Catera. Does anyone know the socket sizes I'll need to fit the nut at the top of the shock and the bolt at the bottom? My socket collection is kinda spotty right now and I want to make sure I have/buy what I need.

03-25-11, 07:06 PM
I dont recall size, but check your fittings. Mine did not hook up to catera air ride connectors.. they would have had to be adapted. but I didnt. I bypassed. also.. be sure you do not have broken springs. the springs ALWAYS break... the springs should coil to a very small loop at top, and bottom!!! The shocks only took my mech about 1 hr to replace. he said they were very easy.

03-26-11, 11:42 AM
Thanks. The set I got came with it's own fittings for the air hose; I suppose I'll just be cutting off the stock fittings and using those.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the springs! The car was just on a lift having a tire replaced- they noticed the shocks, so I'm hoping they would've noticed the springs.

03-26-11, 12:27 PM
double check.. only one spring was noticed on mine, and after fixing, realized the other was broken also.

I found a set used at a salavge yard, but if u search the UN ebay, you can get a set new very cheap.

vauxhall opal omega b any year will work on any car, even though the dealer says 97-98 and 99-01. I used 98 catera on a 00 sport. they are fine.

03-27-11, 09:15 AM
I definitely will be double checking. Thanks for the info on new springs. Whether they're good/bad now, I'll def want to know for the future. Regarding Vauxhall/Opel springs- I've noticed that they're way cheaper but there are different springs for Omegas with or without leveling. Do you know any parts numbers or how I can easily tell them apart on the internet. Is that what the "B" in "Omega B" is about? Thanks.

03-27-11, 11:30 AM
omega B means catera basically, cause they have several opals over there... the catera sport is the "elite" model in the uk. I do not have part #s, but if you call the caddi dealership perhaps you can get it. the dealer wants like $500 a set for the springs. Redic!! and I think $400 for shocks!! thats shock enough to life the car back up!! my total job was under $400 the dealer would have been $1500

03-27-11, 05:36 PM
Speaking of ridiculous, I've talked to dealers about part #s before- they're "not allowed" to give them out. Oh, well. If and when my springs go, I'll be willing to make some international calls/emails to get the right ones from the UK, cuz there's no way I'm paying 500 bucks for them. Good news is, I checked them over carefully when I was installing the shocks today, and they look good for now. And the shock install was pretty pain free.

03-27-11, 07:44 PM


03-28-11, 07:00 AM
Oh, and if anyone cares, you need a 16mm deep socket to take off the stock shocks up top, a 15mm deep to put the Monroes on, and a 21mm on the bottom.