: 2010 srx performance chip

03-23-11, 08:51 PM
HI New member here just purchased a 2010 srx and was wondering if anyone has tried a performance chip looking for better gas mileage

03-23-11, 10:42 PM
The only thing the chip will get you is to loose you money.This has been discussed on this on this forum many times in the past with the same negative reaction.

03-24-11, 07:13 AM
Yea man, chips are a scam.
Now, if you got a tune, THAT would do some real good. (as long as your tuner is good...)

Smokin' SRX
03-24-11, 09:20 AM
Welcome to the Forum and good luck w/ the X. You don't say if it's new or not/what model. Add this to your Profile for additional assistance.

For now, use the ECO button, if you have a Turbo for a mile or two more MPG's and change the air filter now if it's a used X, no matter the mileage as you don't know where it's been driven, E.G.- dusty enviro/pollen-heavy areas, etc. May help a bit.

If you look on this forum you'll see varying MPG's attained, but expect 16-17 around town and 20-24 on a steady highway roll (cruise on) with a light foot! This sled is heavy and especially if you have AWD, takes a bit of petrol to motivate.

The Chips are resisters which make the computer think the eng is cold. This enrichs the fuel for more power. So you shouldn't have to press the gas pedal as hard to move faster......never works for saving gas. Sometimes more power achieved though. Save your money.....

Best of luck!


03-24-11, 03:53 PM
thanks to all who replied about the performance chip for the srx

03-29-11, 12:02 PM
Trifecta has a custom tune availible for the SRX. I can't remember how much it is but they have a good reputation. Check them out