: D3 lowering springs-The cure to end the lowering spring kit squeak(s)

03-23-11, 04:21 PM
Don't know if this issue has been addressed with an answer. I do know we've all hypothcated as to it's origin and theorized on possible remedies, but has anyone got a proven fix yet that lasts?

Out of the box my two new V's have squeaked while coming to a stop or going over angles sharp enough to emit same...Those of you still suffering and those of you who undoubtley will suffer a some point from the squeaking that inherently comes with lowering springs. (Some will only experience slight squeak every now and again while others much more, maybe daily). The squeak, however big or small, will come back.

Having installed spring sleeves to the "bottom" of the front springs. (Originally the instuctions from D3 are that the top of the springs get the sleeving material) Attention: both ends need to be covered to create that "fabric to rubber interface" creating the no squeak surface. Greasing the area works for a time but the squeak(s) eventually works it way back. In that case I would highly recommend calling D3 and acquiring more sleeving material.

I can safely report not a peep, not a hint of anything. Hard braking, undulating highway surfaces at speed, slow drive over speed bumps, cruising through town, steep driveway angles, etc..nada, nothing, zero.

Rather than squeaking along as you cruise by in that cool car start enjoying that lowered look, because squeak be gone is here.

Sleeve it top and bottom, front springs only apply.

03-23-11, 05:33 PM
Do you have any concerns that the sleeving material will wear out? Happy to see that you have found a fix.

03-23-11, 05:56 PM
After looking at the upper sleeves there was no abrasion or sign of wear evident. I expect the same for the bottom. The material is a quality component and I'm not concerned of wear as it's in a non movable position. The material used is a high strenght nylon/synthetic fabric-like material. If you were cut the sleeves to be more size specific for isnstance, as my Tuner did, when D3 kindly sent me nmore of it than I needed you would heat the cut ends like you do on a nylon cord to harden the ends to prevent any fraying.

03-23-11, 06:03 PM
Thanks for your reply. One more question did you change your Modulare wheels from Monoblocs to 3 piece. Saw pictures of both and they look awesome.

03-23-11, 06:30 PM
Actually, those were my wheels and were purchased by another buyer. The car is the other owners car. Unfortunately I'm not at liberty to say just who, but he's a good athlete on a local team here in Dallas. I decide that I wanted a deep lip design. In the end it all worked out quite well.