View Full Version : Parker Cadillac- Little Rock Arkansas

Mark Hollis
03-23-11, 12:01 PM
The Service Department here is severely lacking. My 1994 Coucours had the misfortune of visiting there as it started running badly. After the computers were replaced, the car ran 1/4 mile and went bad again.
Returned with the car and was asked what I did to it. They made it right, sort of, in checking the firing of the coil packs, they used an old ice pick type circuit tester in the caps of the plug wires on the coil packs.
This after having to deal with the "We don't like older cars" attitude.
Flee from this place.

03-23-11, 02:04 PM
Sorry you had a bad experience there. they just finished about $1,200 in repairs to my '85 Eldo convertible, and handled it with "kid gloves". If there was ever a car to run from, it would be that old Eldo! I have had cars serviced there for years and have never had a bad trip. Did you call the service manager and give him your feedback? they have always made amends for any concerns I have had over the years. Wish all the service departments I have experienced over they years were this accomodating!

03-23-11, 02:13 PM
TOTAL crooks!

I bought my '00 ETC there. 42K miles. Looked to be in excellent shape. Had it inspected at another GM dealer (who I'm sure were in cahoots w/them). Paid $12K -- so it wasn't a beater.

Over 3 years, I put $8K into repairs of almost everything EXCEPT head gaskets or road sensing suspension.

Complete ripoff artists. RUN!