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03-22-11, 01:50 PM
With reference to your last email, we list again the contact details of the GM authorized service centers in the UK and we hope that they will be of help to you:

Lawrence House
8 Albion Street
Manchester M1 5NZ?
Tel. no. 0844 818 1643

Whitequay Cadillac Reading
Portman Road, 26, RG30 1EA Reading
Tel. no.: 0118-950 9000

Stratstone Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes, Wavendon
Buckinghamshire MK17 8LQ
Tel. no.: 01908 288 658

Stratstone Cadillac Birmingham
149-159 Digbeth High Street
Birmingham B12 0JU
Tel. no.: 0845 833 0298

Phoenix Wimbledon Saab and Chevrolet
75 Plough Lane
Wimbledon London SW17 0BJ
Tel. no.: 0845 124 5068

St Davids Exeter Chevrolet
10 Trusham Road Marsh Barton Exeter
Tel.no:+44 1392 2193 95

Kind regards,
Cadillac Corvette Hummer
Customer Assistance Center
NAV Support

I had a look at the fixed price servicing from Phoenix and it's not bad actually
shame they are so far away from me.

03-22-11, 01:51 PM

03-22-11, 01:51 PM

03-22-11, 03:35 PM
Those all say "over 3 years old". My Caddy was 1 year old and the first, interim service cost over 350 at Whitequay Reading. I shall have a look at Phoenix for the full service next January at those kind of prices.

03-22-11, 03:51 PM
technically your car I bet is 3 years over, but it was unregistared.

I hoping there's a Phoenix nearer me at them prices.

I might phone a couple of local Saab Dealers and see if they have fixed pricing

03-22-11, 05:52 PM
Mmm, yes, my first service was 344.29p with BM. I kind of forced myself into it though as my Caddy had to have the electrical problem rectified covered in another thread and I didn't want to make the return trip to Manchester within another six months.
As for the age of the car, mine, a 2009 model, was at least 10 months old by the time I had bought it on my birthday last year. If you contact GM and quote the VIN number, they should tell you the exact day/date it rolled out of the plant in Sweden.

03-23-11, 08:51 AM
and I imagine that it rolled off a earlier then you actually think !

if you have a look on Wiki it says the BLS was made in Russia as well

03-24-11, 05:01 PM
Well I am comfortable in knowing that my Caddy was built in Sweden. The VIN plate is the first giveaway. The first two letters YS tell me straight away it is Swedish. If you own a BLS with a VIN that starts with XS, XT, XV or XW, it was built in Russia - if any were in fact ever built there??? My own vehicle was built in the summer of 2008 (sold as a 2009 model!!) Therefore, as I am now aware, my 'new' BLS was actually almost 21 months old by the time I bought it. I would love to know where it had been in that time! The car had accrued 45 'delivery miles'. I know it wasn't driven from Exeter where it had it's PDI, to Truro where I bought it, because the distance from garage to garage is almost 90 miles, so it must have been transported. I am so very glad that I did not pay 24500 for it, because, in reality, it wasn't a new car anyway! Lesson to be learnt here by anyone considering buying a new car. IMHO, if you go to a dealership, check out the VIN of the 'new' car you are buying. If it is more than six months old, I would seriously haggle for a big discount. A car sat on tarmac in a very large car park for over 12 months in my opinion, is no longer a new car. My Chrysler Neon (which I still have) was built in Belvedere in the USA and was only six months old from the time it rolled out of the plant in the US to when it was sold in the UK. If you want to decode your own vin:

08-17-11, 03:49 AM
Hi all,

I had my BLS serviced yesterday, a year to the day from my first one. I took it to Milton Keynes, a 90 mile journey each way for me, but so much less hassle road wise than going anywhere else within the official Cadillac approved network. My journey down the M1 (mostly in 6th gear on cruise control) averaged 56 mpg at 60 mph, yes I was driving like an old geezer! but as of this morning, following a journey to a relative in Oxfordshire straight after the service, I have done 300 miles so far on less than half a tank of diesel, so I'm pretty chuffed. To have a 1.9 TiD that can knock out almost as much mpg as a tiny modern 1.2 litre petrol unit, imho, is fantastic.

As for the service, well I had only done 9600 miles since my last one and this time round, my fuel filter was changed along with a few other bits and pieces and of course nice clean fresh oil. The service team were excellent and the job was completed in just under two hours. The team at Milton Keynes were friendly and courteous and I really didn't mind the wait whilst they did the work. I would go back to them again. The cost of the service was spot on too, which justified my decision to go there this time. And of course, I got that all important Cadillac stamp in the Service Log.

08-17-11, 07:37 AM
how much did they charge ?

08-17-11, 10:46 AM
270 quid, which when I compare the service sheets from this year and last, it was good value. The cost might be subjective to some I know, but they have used genuine GM parts and they have the tech II support for Cadillac which unfortunately most independents and other GM garages, in all likelihood, won't have. All in all, I'm happy.

08-17-11, 03:45 PM
which service was it ? small or big ?

08-17-11, 04:26 PM
It was (as far as I am aware) an intermediate service, which is the same as I had last year but this year at a lower cost. It will be due a main service next time, so I am fully prepared for the additional expense. The service indicator has in fact been set to reflect MAIN for its next service.

02-23-13, 02:14 PM
For those UK Cadillac owners who live in the South Central/South East of England, the Whitequay Group has closed its sites. See link:


02-23-13, 03:42 PM
Not a garage I use but again this is a sign of the times.I wonder which company will go into administration next?Thanks for info anyway.The Cadillac Europe site now only shows three garages.Exeter,Manchester and Milton Keynes.

02-24-13, 11:56 AM
Yes, I bought my BLS from Riders Group of Exeter where the car had its PDI and I have had it serviced at Manchester (1st service) and Milton Keynes twice.

I hope that Milton Keynes continue to provide support for the Caddy well into the future, they are a great bunch there who were extremely complimentary about my own car the last time I took it there.

As for Riders at Exeter, well despite me living 230 miles away from them, it isn't actually a problem for me going there for support if I need it. I know the area well because that is where I originally hail from, so I can just fit it in with a visit around my family if needed.

Manchester is by far the closest to me at 60 miles, but it is a right PITA to get there, that is why I go to Milton Keynes 'cause it's a straight journey there and despite being 30 miles further, it is quicker and I use less fuel because it is all motorway.

03-01-13, 01:31 PM
For those UK Cadillac owners who live in the South Central/South East of England, the Whitequay Group has closed its sites. See link:


That's a real shame as they have been extremely helpful when I've had problems with my BLS. They managed to get me genuine Cadillac parts but let me have them at Saab prices (yes, Cadillac price for exact same parts were nearly double!) so I'm sad to hear they're going. Best of luck to all the lads there.

03-01-13, 02:19 PM
My single experience of contacting Whitequay wasn't great to be honest. I still feel sorry for them though, very sad when people lose their jobs through closures or a downturn they have no control over.

Aside from body panels and front/rear light clusters (though I have a genuine spare set of rear light clusters in case one of mine breaks) plenty of other parts, mechanical and electrical, can be sourced through Saab parts suppliers and in the case of brake pads/discs, Vauxhall. I've now personally amassed plenty of alternative part numbers for various parts and even new/reconditioned alternators for our cars can be bought for anything from 100 to 150 which is 400, yes four hundred quid less, than what one establishment quoted me.

03-20-13, 06:42 PM
I just noticed this new addition for servicing on the Cadillac Europe site----Ian Allan Motors
Sandhills Lane,Virginia Water
GU25 4BT

08-27-13, 12:39 PM
Well, for the third year in a row, I took my BLS to Evans Halshaw PDI centre, Wavendon, Milton Keynes for its service. Usual fantastic service from the whole team there.

Some might think I'm nuts doing the 184 mile round trip, but I can't see the point of using a local garage where I live who I know won't use genuine GM service items unless I provide them (except of course my local Vauxhall dealership) and none of them have the Cadillac software card for Tech 2 (including Vauxhall or Saab) for diagnostic hook up. EH PDI centre do all of this and cheaper than anywhere local to me.

Car is running well sweet and I can't recommend EH at Wavendon enough.

08-13-15, 02:19 PM
Listers Land Rover Solihull in Birmingham, UK is servicing my Cadillac CTS 2006. They do a health check and can get parts from the US. Just book an appointment with them and they'll take care of the Caddy. They'll put it on a rack and let you know whats going on. They'll even take a video of the inspection as proof of ability and they'll even wash your Caddy afterwards. The mechanics are cool and they are regular guys (blokes). So if you live in the neighborhood of Birmingham. Here's a link to the place. http://listers.co.uk/LandRover/Solihull Hope this helps.

08-14-15, 11:35 AM
I appreciate the advice and your post, however, the Cadillac BLS is essentially a Saab 9-3 whereas the CTS is a completely different car, built in the USA unlike the BLS which was built by Saab in Sweden. It really is a case of 'When's a Caddy not a Caddy? When it was made by Saab!

Concerning parts, a lot of the parts for the BLS are identical with the Saab 9-3. BLS parts would not ordinarily come from the US anyway. I've replaced all of my shocks with Bilstein B4's, genuine Saab front coil springs, OEM Swedish Lesjofors rear coil springs, genuine Fiat cambelt/waterpump, genuine GM/Saab DMF/clutch/slave cylinder and a whole host of stuff which is readily available off the shelf here in the UK. So apart from body panels and stuff like headlights/tail lights, there's actually little to be afraid of for availability of parts. Sadly, body panels may well be a huge problem because I'm not sure they're even available and even if they are, they'll undoubtedly cost an absolute fortune. Oh, and if anyone needs their windscreen replacing on a BLS, it is I believe, identical to the Saab 9-3, so no issues there either.

I have no idea, however I suspect Listers may not have Cadillac Tech 2 for the BLS? Indeed I believe the only Cadillac dealership now in the UK, is Ian Allen Motors of Virginia Water: http://ianallancadillac.co.uk/

As far as general servicing goes for the BLS and certainly in the case of the 1.9 Tid such as my own car, any former Saab dealership, or any Vauxhall dealership or any independent Fiat specialist (the 1.9 engine is the Fiat unit) can carry out servicing to a good standard, but they won't have Cadillac Tech 2 diagnostics for the BLS. Essentially, any diagnostic work that is required on the BLS that falls outside of the normal scope that most garages have, can now only be carried out at Ian Allen Motors as I'm sure they'll have access to the Tech 2 programming for the BLS. I'm not even sure if Evans Halshaw at Milton Keynes is still an authorised Cadillac service centre anymore as I haven't been to them now for almost two years as I've been doing a lot of the servicing on my own car, myself.

As for your CTS, I do like the look of those cars, but I don't fancy paying the road tax on one!