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The only thing more irritating than a Prius owner is a famous Prius owner. Thankfully, Kristen Bell drives a Saturn Vue, the hybrid version. The picture above is from 2007 so she may have traded it in by now, especially after having a minor fender bender in 2008, but its all I’ve got so lets go with it.


In the photos above, Bell is dropping off her Vue for service while her fiancee Dax Shepard picks her up in a red Silverado. They appear to be GM fans. She and Shepard are both Detroit natives (she’s a Red Wings fan) which may explain their un-Hollywood-like tendency toward American cars.

Her father is Tom Bell, the news director for WOAI in San Antonio. She visits Texas quite frequently, and I actually ran into her on Christmas Day last year at Tex’s ar and Grill on the San Antonio Riverwalk.

[By “ran into her” I mean I sat at my table while she sat at hers.]

As she walked in my friend said, “That girl is a dead ringer for Kristen Bell. Wait… that IS Kristen Bell. I’m serious.”

Sitting at the table with my family, I had my back turned to her, so this is all I got:

My parents didn’t really know who she was, and I doubt my folks had ever seen Veronica Mars, the 2004-2007 UPN series where Bell played a high school student/detective. My mom did finally recognize her from “Couples Retreat,” a terrible movie that managed to do well at the box office.

You might also recognize her from HBO’s Deadwood, NBC’s Heroes, and the 2008 film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” where she played Sarah Marshall. She’s famous, but not yet a household name.

After her award-winning role on Veronica Mars, it seems baffling that she’s ended up in so many poorly regarded films.

http://jesda.com/wp-content/gallery/kristenbell/kristen_bell_in_forgetting_sarah_marshall_wallpape r_1_1280.jpg


More pics:

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Why'd she end up in forgettable roles?

UPN. That is all.

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I love when someone makes a thread about hot chicks and uses some tenuous connection to cars to justify its existence. :lol:

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Life experience has taught me there is more than a "tenuous" connection between "hot chicks" and cool cars!!!

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I love when someone makes a thread about hot chicks and uses some tenuous connection to cars to justify its existence. :lol:

Indeed :histeric: These articles are nothing but bait for Google searches

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There's nothing "dead" about my "wood" when I see Kristen Bell.

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Pretty sure I just died a little inside after reading that.

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Good, then it met it's intended purpose.

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please, no more discussions or mention of your lumber Chad