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03-22-11, 03:58 AM
I was wondering if there is an official GM maintanance schedule for the 2006 STS V8. I have the booklet, but I was looking for something more technical, telling you the life time of the car components such as: Spark Plugs, Alternator, A/C compressor, etc...

03-22-11, 05:52 AM
Spark plugs: 100,000 miles, antifreeze: five years or 150,000, actual components: when/if they fail. This stuff is in the owners manual (which is still available from Helminc.com for $31.00.

03-22-11, 06:36 AM
That is a little strange, normally there is expected lifetime for each engine component, like Alternator, Water Pump, Fuel Pump, which should be replaced even if it did not fail so that it will not affect other components adjacent to it.

For exmaple, if the alternator is not changed when it is nearly expire, it will affect the Battery, or vise versa. Or, if the spark plugs are not replaced when scheduled, it will require higher voltage to activate, affecting the whole ingnition system and eventually will put more load on the battery and alternator.

03-22-11, 07:14 AM
What you are talking about is more the type of maintenance schedule used for aircraft (hours, cycles, etc). What you're looking likely exists but there are probably few people other than the component and vehicle engineers that would routinely have such information. Regular maintenance and component inspection for signs of wear/failure is really the most reasonable option. Much of what you're talking about can be affected by how the vehicle is operated, the environment (hotter vs colder, dry vs humid, etc) and other factors which is too difficult to just assign a number to. I know exactly why this is done for aircraft, but it really isn't practical for consumers and "everyday" automobiles.