View Full Version : strut bearings

03-21-11, 03:29 PM
my steering seems knotchy as i approach full lock. slightly jerky. been told it could be worn upper front strut bearings. when you replace your struts its good to inspect the strut mounts and bearings. i know tearing down both struts to change only the bearings is a lot of work. would be surprised if anyone has ever done it. bearings only that is. think this is a waste of time? i would do it. not pay someone.

johnny kannapo
03-23-11, 08:57 PM
I have on a fomoco strut mounts. If the bearings are all present & rust has not ruined ball/race surfaces -yeah. clean em up & grease'm.

The struts would need to be unsprung if they can be serviced.

If they make noise rotating it may be too far gone. A new mount plate may be $100.