: 2010 SRX 3.0 Technical Service Bulletins Index

03-20-11, 01:06 PM
This is just a list of the TSBs, to see the details you would have to subscribe to one of those data services. However, if you have one of the problems that is listed here, you can at least give a heads-up to the service writer.

TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
10323 NOV 10 Recall - Power Steering Fluid Leak
TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
10360 NOV 10 Campaign - BCM Update For Lighting Calibration
10236 OCT 10 Campaign - Front Fender Molding May Be Detached
09237C JUL 10 Campaign - Product Enhancement
09319A DEC 09 Campaign - Keyless Entry Module Software Update
09221B NOV 09 Campaign - Navigation System Software Updates
09299 NOV 09 Campaign - Liftgate Sill Plate Trim Replacement
TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
10-08-44-004A NOV 10 Audio - Information on USB/Multimedia Player
10-08-111-001A NOV 10 Body - Front Fender Trim Moulding Loose Or Missing
08-07-30-035B NOV 10 A/T - Water Or Coolant Contamination Information
05-06-04-022G OCT 10 Fuel System - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (Canada)
10-08-45-001B OCT 10 Electrical - Information For Electrical Ground Repair
05-09-40-002E OCT 10 Restraint System - Normal Safety Belt Locking Conditions
09-04-95-001C OCT 10 Drivetrain - Noise Shifting Between Reverse & Drive
10-08-44-003B OCT 10 Audio - Buzz Noise When Using Bluetooth(R)
10-08-44-006 OCT 10 Navigation - Report Missing/Inaccurate Nav. Map Info
09-08-44-013C OCT 10 Audio System - USB/Multimedia Interface Information
10-08-52-004 OCT 10 Keyless Entry - No Remote Detected/No Fobs Detected
10-08-45-002D SEP 10 Electrical - Malfunction Indicator Lamp ON/Hard/No Start
00-08-48-005D SEP 10 Body - Vehicle Glass Distortion Information
04-08-50-006D SEP 10 Interior - Seat Cover Wrinkle/Crease/Burn Info
09-06-04-026C AUG 10 Engine/Transmission - Aftermarket Calibrations
09-08-44-020C AUG 10 Audio System - Radio Int. Inop./No Sound/Volume Changes
10-08-98-002 AUG 10 Body - Drilling High Strength Steel Using CryoCobalt(R)
10-08-42-001A AUG 10 Lighting - Low Beam Headlamp(s) Inoperative
10-06-01-006 JUL 10 Engine - Drive Belt Noise Inspect Pulley
10-03-16-001 JUL 10 TPMS System - Service And Re-Learning Sensor IDs
03-00-89-008E JUL 10 Body - Metal Body Panel Corrosion Protection
06-08-51-005A JUN 10 Body - Hem Flange Sealer For Corrosion Protection
03-08-98-002B JUN 10 Body - Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding/Equipment
10-06-01-003A JUN 10 Engine - Engine Noise Or Damage After Oil Filter Replace
07-06-04-019D JUN 10 Electrical - Intermittent MIL/DTC P2138/Reduced Power
99-09-40-005F JUN 10 Restraints - Extender Availability For Seat Belt
02-08-42-001D JUN 10 Lighting - Headlamp Polycarbonate Lens Damage Prevention
09-08-47-001A JUN 10 Body Controls - Unable To Reprogram Body Control Module
10-07-30-002A JUN 10 A/T Controls - Snapshot Data Using (GDS)
06-03-10-010A JUN 10 Wheels - Changing Procedures/Precautions
10-00-89-010 MAY 10 Locks - Key Code Security Rules and Information
09-08-44-020B MAY 10 Audio System - Erratic/Intermittent Operation
10-08-42-001 MAY 10 Lighting - Low Beam Headlamp(s) Inoperative
00-03-10-006F MAY 10 Wheels/Tires - Tire Radial Force Variation (RFV)
04-06-01-029E APR 10 Vehicle - Engine Crankcase and Subsystems Flushing Info.
06-00-89-029F APR 10 Interior - Cleaning Interior Surfaces of Vehicle
05-03-10-003F APR 10 Tires/Wheels - Low Tire/Leaking Cast Aluminum Wheels
04-03-10-001F APR 10 Tires/Wheels - Tire Puncture Repair Procedures
08-03-10-006C APR 10 Tires/Wheels - Tire Slowly Goes Flat/Warning Light ON
05-03-10-020C APR 10 Wheels/Tires - Use of Nitrogen Gas in Tires
07-03-16-004C APR 10 Tire Pressure Monitor - TPM System Overview
06-08-44-012E APR 10 Navigation System - Software/DVD Update Program
10-08-110-001 MAR 10 Interior - Proper Use of Floor Mats
09-08-66-010B MAR 10 Body - Power Liftgate Inoperative from Key FOB
06-08-44-034D MAR 10 Navigation Radio - Various Noises Explained
00-03-10-002E MAR 10 Wheels - Chrome Wheel Staining/Pitting/Corrosion
10-08-50-003 MAR 10 Restraints - Driver/Passenger Seat Head Rest Information
03-08-48-006G FEB 10 A/C - Window Defroster Contact/Tab Repair Information
07-06-04-025E FEB 10 Fuel System - Clicking/Ticking Noises On Cold Start Up
08-08-64-011A FEB 10 Mirrors - Heated Mirrors, Defrosting Time
06-08-50-009E FEB 10 Restraints - Passenger Presence System Information
10-03-08-001 FEB 10 Suspension - Noise Over Bumps in Cold Weather
06-08-46-005B FEB 10 OnStar(R) - Availability for Hearing Impaired
10-01-39-001 FEB 10 A/C - Temperature Setting Displays Dashes Or Blank
01-07-30-042F FEB 10 A/T - 2-3 Upshift or 3-2 Downshift Clunk Noise
00-06-01-026C FEB 10 Engine - Intake Manifold Inspection/Replacement
10-08-46-001 JAN 10 Audio - Radio Does Not Mute Enough When Using OnStar(R)
03-08-44-005J JAN 10 Audio - Poor Radio Reception/Static Interference
09-08-50-015B JAN 10 Electrical - L/H Seat Inop./Erratic Memory Sys Operation
99-08-51-007D JAN 10 Wheel - Refinishing Aluminum Wheels
10-08-51-001 JAN 10 Body/Paint - 2010 Exterior Paint Codes
09-03-10-017 DEC 09 Wheels/Tires - Replacement Wheel Weight Information
09-06-03-004C NOV 09 Electrical - MIL ON/DTC's Set By Various Control Modules
06-08-43-003B NOV 09 Wipers/Washers - Windshield Wiper Maintenance/Cleaning
99-04-20-002F NOV 09 Drivetrain - Clunk Noise Shifting From PARK Into Gear
06-08-64-001B OCT 09 Body - Side Window Chipping Information
05-03-08-002C OCT 09 Suspension - Shock Absorber/Strut Leakage Information
06-00-89-031A OCT 09 Engine, A/T - Identification Information
08-09-41-007C SEP 09 Restraint Systems - Accessory Electrical Intereference
09-08-48-006 SEP 09 Body - Stain/Film On Windshield Glass Perimeter
02-07-30-052F SEP 09 A/T - Fluid Oil Cooler Flush
04-06-04-047I AUG 09 Fuel System - 'TOP TIER' Detergent Gasoline Information
07-03-10-008B AUG 09 Tires - Slight/Mild Edge Feathering Information
03-03-10-007E AUG 09 Wheels/Tires - OE Tire/Wheel Characteristics
07-08-46-002D JUL 09 Audio System - Noise When Using OnStar(R)
99-08-64-016C JUL 09 Body - Maintaining Exterior Weatherstrip Appearance
03-07-29-004F JUL 09 M/T - Operating Characteristics
08-06-01-008A JUL 09 Engine - Drive Belt Misalignment Diagnostics
07-06-01-016B JUL 09 Engine - Noise/Damage Oil Filter Application Importance
08-03-10-004A JUL 09 Wheels/Tires - Accessory Wheel & Tire Information
05-08-51-008C JUN 09 Body - Bumps or Rust Colored Spots in Paint
07-07-30-010B JUN 09 A/T Controls - Snapshot Data Upload Information
08-08-42-005B JUN 09 Lighting - Headlamp Warranty Replacement Guideline
99-01-39-004C JUN 09 A/C - Musty Odors Emitted From (HVAC) System
08-08-42-005B JUN 09 Lighting - Headlamp Replacement Information
07-09-40-002A JUN 09 Restraints - Seat Belt Latch Stop Button Availability
06-08-44-015B MAY 09 Audio System - Noise When Using Portable Playback Unit
01-08-42-001G MAY 09 Lighting - Exterior Lamp Condensation Guidelines
07-08-49-020C APR 09 Instruments - IPC Odometer Programming Reference Guide
09-00-89-015 MAR 09 Vehicle - VIN Number Structure Changes
00-05-22-002L MAR 09 Brakes- Disc Brake Warranty Service And Procedures
09-08-48-002A MAR 09 Body - Marks/Stains on Windshield When Wet
09-09-40-001 FEB 09 Restraints - Seat Belt Warning Lamp On/Buckling Issues
09-06-05-001 JAN 09 Exhaust System - Sulfur Odor Explanation

03-20-11, 01:24 PM
Thanks for the posting this list. But without the details for each item, it's almost impossible to know what it refers to. Who are some of the "data services" you're referring to?

03-20-11, 03:12 PM
Great find! :thumbsup: This should come in handy for many of us.


03-20-11, 04:35 PM
Is this where i get to say, "holy hypochondriac batman!"


Smokin' SRX
03-21-11, 12:31 AM
Gronk, this is terrific. I will use with a website that offers free info on Recalls, TSB's and more for all makes/models. You can register an email and they will send you new info as it comes out. Great cross ref/expansion of your list. Did I say free??


Take a look. I found a few already from your list.


03-22-11, 12:07 PM
In reply to Stevec5375:

There are several data services available, one that comes to mind is AllData. Google TSBs and you will
find many different ones.