: Oil Filter Removal 01 Catera?

03-19-11, 10:30 PM
I am attempting to remove the oil filter, for the first time, on my 01 Catera. When I try to rotate the 15/16 nut on the canister (counter-clockwise) it is extremely tight, and it does NOT loosen. Also, is the whole canister suppose to turn, or just the cap? Any suggestions, I'm afraid I might break something! HELP!:hmm:

03-20-11, 05:43 AM
yes just the cap, i beleve there is a 3/8 hole for a ratchet, if it all wants to come off, you might want to go head and take it all out and pull them apart on the bench.

03-22-11, 12:24 AM
Finally, I got the filter off! I held the canister with the biggest pipewrench I could fit in the tight area, then I jerked up on the cap and broke it loose. After, I snugged the 12mm alen (bolt) to tighten up the canister.