: 2011 SRX ...wet floor

03-18-11, 10:39 AM
When I removed the mats to clean my 2011 SRX, I noticed that the driver's side floor and carpeted mat were drenched. I doubt that normal in & out traffiic could have caused this wetness. Anyone had a similar problem. It's appears that water is coming in from outside. I had a door molding problem that was supposedly corrected. Thanks in advance.


03-18-11, 01:15 PM
I found this Technical Service Bulletin. It applies to the 2010 model, but you really can't go by that. Since the 2010 and 2011 are 99% identical, anything that affects the 2010 could also affect the 2011. Based on the description of your problem, this may very well be the case if it's not the door molding. Ask your dealer about this TSB.


2010 SRX -- MIL illuminated, hard/no start, water on driver front floor, DTCs set

Replace the fuel tank harness-to-body harness and replace the connector terminals.

TSB no. 10-08-45-002D

08-09-11, 06:56 PM
I have 2011 Cadillac SRX and also have had water leaking in driver's side floor. It hasn't rained much since I got the car but it has rained hard recently. I have husky floor liners & was shocked to see it full of water. I emptied it and I found the floor mat & carpet were soaked(actually had standing water).Water appears to be coming from under dash as it is dripping in the husky liner & also running under it. Waiting to hear back from my dealer for service appointment. Just wanted you to know at least one other person is having same problem. Did you find out what caused the leaking?

08-10-11, 08:23 AM
Potentially this:
#PI0044B: Water Leak at Driver/Front Passenger Floor Area and/or Front Carpet Wet - (Jun 27, 2011)
Has to do with the sunroof drain hoses. The dealer should be able to follow the PI and fix it right up for you.

08-10-11, 09:52 PM
Thanks for the info- spoke to dealer today & they also think it's the sunroof. Unfortunately their first appointment is 2 weeks from today. Hope it doesn't rain before then. Not happy that my car is 6 months old & I have to take a vacation day to get this fixed. Their service department is open Saturdays but the body shop isn't. Oh well...

canada g
08-12-11, 11:05 AM
My 6 weeks old srx has the same problem. I noticed it yesterday. I have also the sunroof. I hope that I do not have to go to the dealer every 6 weeks for a repair. This is my first GM product ever and it is a bad start.

08-13-11, 11:19 AM
and there is no way to delete the sunroof unless you get the base model.

canada g
08-15-11, 09:31 AM
I wanted the sunroof. But not the water. The big sunroof is not a brandnew concept. BMW had it already in their first generation X3 and X5.
Poor engineering. The worst part of al is that my car is a 'demo' and no one noticed this problem befor delivery. Poor dealer.

08-15-11, 08:15 PM
I wanted the sunroof. But not the water. The big sunroof is not a brandnew concept. BMW had it already in their first generation X3 and X5.
Poor engineering. The worst part of al is that my car is a 'demo' and no one noticed this problem befor delivery. Poor dealer.

I beleive the really big sunroof was a Cadillac first in the 2004 SRX, which came out in 2003.

Smokin' SRX
08-15-11, 11:04 PM
True! I owned it. 2004 SRX had a 4' glass roof. And it opened about 30". Tanning machine with hardtop safety/quiet. Unfortunately, like any large sunroof, if you leave it open under the trees, the drain vents can clog easily. Happened once , then I learned and loved..............


canada g
08-16-11, 08:28 AM
The problem is that it stayed 4 weeks in my garage and 3 weeks on the airport parking lot. no trees there. no trees at the dealer. maybe trees next to the production line :)

08-16-11, 10:26 AM
I have had this same problem with my 2004 BMW X3.

In the front of the sunroof, there are two drain holes. Sunroofs are not designed to be water tight but rather to let the water enter at the edges into a gutter system which then drains through the A pill. If that drain or hose becomes clogged, the water may drain into the passenger compartment and into the foot wells.

The key here is to make sure you don't leave your sunroof open under trees or anything else that may drop debris into the gutter clogging those drains. I also made a habit out of cleaning it all out really well when I washed the car.

As far as taking a vacation day. All cadillacs warranty comes with a free rental car. You should be able to drop you car off the evening before the appointment and get a rental.

Smokin' SRX
08-16-11, 10:54 AM

Smokin' SRX
08-16-11, 10:55 AM
Good points J, and I do same. CJ's problem may indeed have been born @ the production line. Some debris may have got in and finally clogged @ the 6 week point....

My Caddy Dealer ( who is a peach in most matters) won't give a loaner/rental if the Service takes only 1-2 hours. They have the ultimate waiting room with computer Internet, Hotspots, TV's, food/beverage etc. He will also give you a "to & from" ride to home and work within 10 miles however.

He only gives "short" test drives, WITH a salesman, unless you squawk . Then you make appt and get a 30 minute Test drive! The other Caddy Dealer (15 miles away will give you the keys for a 2-3 hour, un-accompanied drive, anytime ya want (once they know ya a little) Go figure.....

In any case, the clogged lines are usually easy to clear. But compressed air can de-couple the internal connectors, so beware if you are a DIY'er.


canada g
08-16-11, 11:33 AM
OK I understand. The GM engineer had the excellent idea that in the case the drains are clogged we will sent all the water to the driverside floor. So we do not have to install sensors to indicate the driver their is a problem. Lets give hive him wet feet!!!!!

canada g
08-16-11, 11:35 AM
first x5 was produced in 1999

canada g
08-16-11, 02:15 PM
all my excusese to the engineer that develloped the sunroof.
I just came back from the dealer and it had nothing to do with the sunroof.
They found on the AC drain a srew that blogged it and water went down on the carpet.
So that person realy 'srewed' it up

Once again M engineer. You're sunroof is great works well. It could be a little bit larger but it is very well made.
This is a message for the GM's headquarter : don't get rid of the engineer. Keep him.

have a nice day :)