: Instrument Cluster lense replacement

03-18-11, 09:58 AM
I have a 2006 STS with a cracked lense on the speedometer cluster. I have purchased a used cluster to get the lense. Apparently that's the only way of getting a replacement lense.
To install the lense the bezel in front of the cluster must be removed. Has anyone done that job? Easy? hard? There does not seem to be any retaining screws. It looks like you just pull but I don't want to break anything. Local GM dealer has quoted me 1 hour labour to replace the lense. If it's a tricky job I would rather leave it to him. If something breaks it would be his nickel.

Appreciate any advice from someone whose done the job?


03-18-11, 10:08 AM
For 1 hour of labor($95) I would let them do it.

03-18-11, 12:59 PM
I would think it would be fairly easy. A one hour quote from them is probably rounded up. Problem is unless you have exact instructions why do it? No doubt I'd give them the $95, maybe do some other maintenance and get a package deal.

I was going to pull the cluster out of an '00 STS........ It required loosening a couple of screws in the base of the dash....... then it opened like a clamshell. The cluster was held in by 4 screws and that was it. But I never needed to pull it just took it apart to explore. So I suggest this is equally as easy......... for the dealer!!!!

03-18-11, 01:48 PM
I'd be interested in doing the same thing, mine has a lot of dust behind it. It's an 08 that was an Avis lease vehicle and someone must have driven it in the desert with the windows down. There is also dust behind the plastic strip below the radio that appears to just 'pop' out with a little pulling, but at the ridiculous prices the stealership gets for parts I'm not willing to try getting it out to clean it.
If you find out how to do it please post the procedure here, I for one would appreciate it.

03-18-11, 02:12 PM
To get the cluster out isn't too difficult (having just had mine out).

You need to first remove the trim aroud the radio and climate control. This is held in by six clips and simply snaps into place. Work around the outside edges with (preferrably) a non-marring plastic trim removal tool. This allows for removal of the instrument cluster trim in the next step.

To remove the instrument cluster trim, lower your steering wheel all the way and ensure it it extended (toward the driver's seat) as far as possible. This trim also snaps in place. You need to be careful as you remove it because some parts are thin and fragile. You will break it if not careful. Once it is worked loose, you need to disconnect three items before you can remove it from the car. 1 - The DIC control, 2 - The Start Switch, 3 - The Aspirator Tube for the climate control system.

Once out, the cluster is held in with four screws (7mm hex head if my memory is correct). Remove these and tip the top of the cluster forward (toward the steering wheel). There is a wiring harness attached to the top right corner (if you are looking at it straight on). There is enough harness to pull the cluster forward (toward the steering wheel) and out in order to gain access.

To disconnect the cluster, there is a small tab on the top of the connector. Press this in while pulling a small lever it locks in place. The connector will pop out.

I've never had the face off my cluster, but to me, it looks like some tabs around perimeter that can be depressed to remove the lense. Try not to do anything that will generate static electricity. Two reasons... the electronics in the cluster are sensitive to static and can be damaged, and static build up will only attract more dust.

Reassemble in reverse order. When you're putting the trim back on, be careful to make sure the HVAC ducts mate correctly. If they aren't in place, the trim won't snap into place and forcing anything will break parts.

03-18-11, 08:50 PM
Thanks for the detailed instructions. It sounds simple enough but words like "fragile" and "static" make me think I might just let the dealer do it.
If I zap the cluster it's $450.... if I break the bezel?? ( a lot more than $100). If I get brave and give it a try I'll let everyone know how it goes.


03-18-11, 09:01 PM
Your biggest concern is handling the trim bezels. Static is a concern, and I mention it in order that you use reasonable precautions. In this case, as long as you don't put your finger into the connector and start touching the pins with a static charge you aren't likely to do damage. The bigger static problem is cleaning the lense and having it build a charge as it will become a dust magnet. The trim bezels are costly as well so if you're not too sure, $95 to the dealer really isn't that bad.

03-28-11, 10:42 PM
I lost my nerve and went with the dealer install. One hour labour at $95. He did a great job. Never broke anything or left a mark anywhere on the dash that I can find.

thanks to everyone for all the input


03-29-11, 12:03 AM
Glad it worked out. Up here, labour is about $140/hour :(

03-29-11, 03:20 AM
I was gonna lend you my crow bar and a grounding strap, but you got it done!!