: Anyone see the new JD Powers realiability figures?

03-18-11, 08:40 AM
One surprise here and one perennial brand to this survey



03-18-11, 11:00 AM
verrry interesting! not suprised that FoMoCo is at the top .

03-18-11, 06:49 PM
Kinda makes me feel good about the trade I did a couple of days ago....

03-18-11, 09:22 PM

Here's a link to the top 3 in each:

STS was one of the top 3, as was the CTS each in their respective class.

03-19-11, 03:12 PM
interesting stats in there from Toyota...they seem to have done better in the truck/suv categories than sedan..overall
I would have thought the opposite was the case

Also...why do they group the DTS in the same category as the LS460...I don't consider those cars to be in the same category at all

The DTS and Towncar yes...but not the Lexus LS

Significantly more complexity in the Lexus LS...so it makes it a little unfair

Like comparing a loaded chevy malibu to a Cadillac CTS
Ditto with the category they have the STS in...not sure why a Lexus ES350 is in that one as well

I understand they have to group it somewhere..I just question the groupings


03-20-11, 02:02 AM
Lexus LS isn't the car it used to be. The carpet looks like it was lifted out of the Corolla. Body panel gaps are huge.

03-20-11, 09:02 AM
A rebadged Camry that Toyota had "cheapened up" several years ago because they could:banghead::bump:

03-20-11, 10:11 AM
Lexus LS isn't the car it used to be. The carpet looks like it was lifted out of the Corolla. Body panel gaps are huge.

Interesting...I would ask if you like the CTS interior...especially compared to the Malibu?

I don't get that feeling at all when I was strolling around the Lexus showroom...while waiting on my STS to be serviced
If anything I would say the opposite was true...to me anyway...its definitely more luxurious than the 90's versions were. And the various electronic systems live the Nav and Voice activation systems...are state of the art and the ones to beat
Time will tell if there are 200K mile examples all over the road that are 12-15 years old and still worth a few $$

If you recall those first ones( early 90's) were priced at Seville pricing!!!

To me..the LS now belongs in what I could call the Ultra Luxury group...7 series, Mercedes S class, Jaguar XJ
while the DTS may be of similar size to those there is no way it reaches the complexity of that group...ditto with the Lincoln Towncar
The LS has systems that are only shared by other competitors in the Ultra luxury group
I didn't feel that way about the pre 2001 LS models...I really though they were more Cadillac /Lincoln rivals

Of the Ultra Luxury group the LS is the most reliable and has been for years

Thats why I don't get some of these groupings that Powers put together

I don't think an LS buyer is shopping for a DTS...I mean do people really cross shop cars that are $25-30K different in price?..typically speaking

Again to me...they could have they grouped the Malibu with the CTS together..makes the same type of sense

That new Hyundai Equis would be the wild card here...its swinging for Ultra Luxury group at a mid luxury price...we'll see on that one

The Genesis..though..has definitely been a successful venture for them. The sticker is bargain and makes the CTS look way overpriced
I don't see any give away leases on them and the used examples I have seen are holing value well