: Auto Wrecker Recommendations...

03-17-11, 11:35 PM
So I generally don't like most auto wreckers because too many of them just don't want to bother with "consumers". If you aren't a business, a lot don't take you seriously. I understand that people call and want a radio knob for $0.37 (perhaps an exageration) and it simply isn't worth their time. I'm pretty serious about my cars, and I'm willing to pay a fair dollar for what I want. I also (usually) purchase small dollar items new anyway. Despite this, I have poor response.

With all due respect to US businesses (because many are absolutely fantastic to deal with), the other gripe I have is sellers that won't ship to Canada. I called one the other day on their 1-800 number. After being told he didn't have what I wanted anyway he said "I wouldn't ship to Canada even if I did have it". This prompted my question "So why are you paying for a 1-800 number that works in Canada?" to which I had an equally poor response. I ship internationally and I understand there is a little more paperwork. When I buy parts, I understand this and am willing to pay a little more for this service. I just don't understand limiting the business opportunity for an increased (granted not that much bigger) market.

Anyway (rant over), the point of my thread is simple... I'm looking for recommendations on auto wreckers. I want to purchase a Head-Up Display projector from a 2009+ STS. I have posted on Car-Part with no response. I have made endless calls to wreckers that list other STS parts for that year range, all with no success.

I have had positive results for other items on many occasions from:

Schram Auto Parts (My personal favourite).
Spalding Auto Parts in Spokane WA.
McCarty Auto Parts in Hazlehurst GA.

Along with a few others. None of them have what I'm looking for this time around.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a good auto wrecker, known to regularly purchase late model GM vehicles? I would look at new for this part, but they are very costly (over $1K CDN).

03-18-11, 12:53 PM
I doubt you will get many responses. Not too many do it yourselfs on these cars. Plus not too many looking to add on like you are.

Yea they are an independent bunch. I decided years ago that all they sold was junk and not worth the hassle. Back in the day they all used short wave radios to broadcast out a shopping list. I'm sure today with the internet they have enough business between them that they don't need us. plus many do not want to part a car out. In your case I doubt they want to destroy a dash just for your item.

Worse yet is once upon a time I totaled a car w/o insurance and was forced to deal with them on salvage price. I suspected they all lowballed prices and took turns being $5 higher just to cycle the salvage cars between them.

03-18-11, 01:00 PM