: Are heated seats regulated to turn on only at certain temperatures?

03-16-11, 08:11 PM
Got into my SRX today. It was around 50 degrees
and the first thing I did was turn on the heated seats.

I push the heated seats button, it lights up, then
immediately goes off. Push it again, it won't stay lit.

So, I call Cadillac Service and made an appointment
to bring my vehicle in.

Tonight, it's cooler out, I hop in the SRX and turn on
the heated seats and all is working well.

So, my question is, did they not originally work due
to the outside temperature? Does heated seats only
work when the temperature dips below a predetermined


03-16-11, 08:23 PM
Nope, neither the front or rear (Premium Collection :D ) heated seats have any connection to anything other then the button and a module. If its not working, it needs fixing.

Smokin' SRX
03-17-11, 11:25 PM
TheCapt is right, unless you remote started it. And he knows COLD temps. LOL

I know you are talking normal start, as you see the light momentarily on, then goes out. You don;t see the lights for heated seats in Remote start. (and it must be 40* F or less for them to activate, in RS mode)



03-18-11, 07:13 AM
The heated seats button suddenly started working.

So, at least for the moment, I don't have to take
vehicle in for service.

03-18-11, 09:49 AM
NJ........you may be correct, there may be no issue.

I was told the FirstGen SRX has an electrical system safeguard feature which "cuts off" the heaviest non-essential electrical drains when the battery is discharged beyond a certain point. When the battery has recovered sufficiently (from driving and recharging) the features that were cut off resume working by themselves. For example, heated seats would be considered a heavier drain and non-essential.

If you want and it would give you some peace of mind, you could have your battery tested to make sure it is up to snuff.


03-18-11, 10:25 AM

Appreciate this response. I may have to do that.

Marc NY
03-18-11, 10:54 AM
The heated seats button suddenly started working.

So, at least for the moment, I don't have to take
vehicle in for service.Mine did the exact same thing one time and it has never done that since.

03-19-11, 12:47 AM
The cause for my one-time issue was apparent after things were explained to me.

When it occurred, the outdoor temps were 10 below zero. The SRX had been sitting outdoos overnight, so naturally the cold cranking capacity of the battery started out a tad challenged. Then it happened........instead of sending me out as usual to warm up the car, my wife decided to do it herself. She NEVER does that when I am around to do it. NEVER.

She proceeded to flip on both heated seats to high (both cushions), the rear defrost, and cranked the high blower fan. Somewhere along the way she hit the memory seat button for her setting and turned on the radio. As soon as she realized that the heated seats were not operating she ran back into the house.

From the sounds of her alarmed shouts, I thought the car was stolen or on fire, that she was assaulted in the driveway, that apocalypse was upon us, or all of the above. :banghead:

As I said earlier, the heated seats operated later; and there has been no repeat of the incident.


PS: The lighted indicators on the door panels for the heated seats remained on even though the seats were not initially heating.

Smokin' SRX
03-24-11, 09:49 AM
PJ, your story made me laugh! Tks for a good laugh and previously unknown Tech tip! Amazing car........