: The site will be DOWN at 4am eastern time 03.17.2011

Lord Cadillac
03-16-11, 04:34 PM
We're getting a 100% upgrade on server memory. This will take approximately one hour to accomplish. It'll likely happen around 4am eastern time. I'll write back here letting you know what day this will happen. It could happen as early as tomorrow morning.

Lord Cadillac
03-16-11, 04:49 PM
The memory upgrade will begin about 11 hours from now. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this helps out intermittent page-loading problems...

03-16-11, 05:05 PM
No CF at 4am?! How will we survive?!


Kidding of course. Hope it helps a lot :)

03-16-11, 10:58 PM
....................if you're gonna scream with the eagles, you first gotta cluck with the chickens..............

03-17-11, 11:09 PM
tried clucking with chickens once. didn't care for it.