: Led blinker turn signal

03-16-11, 03:32 PM
So since I imported my car into the UK, I now have to install a blinker on the side of the car to comply with the law. The shops usually do it for you and charge you close to 400 dollars to slap some tacky light on the side. I would prefer doing and LED strip coming out from the vents and almost hidden out of view but visible when blinking.It also has to be amber color (the light not the strip) Can anyone help me figure out a clever way to do this or do the install myself? I promise to pay pal 20 bucks to someone who helps me out because you will be saving me a big load. Im on a deadline so im trying to figure this out ASAP. Ill need to figure out where to wire the LED's into so they can react with the other blinkers as normal.