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03-16-11, 01:52 PM
Long story short bought a '06 CTS-V from Key Cadillac on the 1st of February. The hood started rattling two weeks later, brought it in to be checked on the 18th of February and their "Fix" was to raise the stop for the hood(which jacked up the body lines). Last weekend it started to rattle again, set up another appointment for today and told them I wasn't very happy with the fix from last time. They just called and said I should take it to a body shop and this isn't covered by their 60 day warranty. In addition to this the service airbag light went off over the weekend and they're not covering that either. Anyone got any new news about GM recall 10355?

Needless to say I'm more then a little annoyed traded in a 2003 ford truck that hadn't given me any issues for a 2006 Cadillac that needs $500 just to make the passenger airbag work again. This isn't the buying experience I was hoping for when dropping nearly 25k on a 30,000 mile vehicle.

Anyone care to offer some advice, their "warranty" doesn't mention the hood or airbags. But surely I must have some options, nobody could live with how bad that hood rattle is and the airbag is a safety feature.

Not to mention the issues it has shifting into reverse when cold that they're unable to reproduce.

03-16-11, 05:24 PM
Call cadillac customer service and complain, fixed things for me.....is this car under factory warranty still? CPO?

Heres some info on the airbag recall

As far as the hood rattling, where is it rattling...you sure it's the hood? When the shocks go bad it can make a rattling sound going over bumps.....either way if they told you it had never been in an accident (assuming) then their warranty should cover it.

03-16-11, 07:53 PM
Check the hood hinge bolt on the driver's side.

03-16-11, 09:58 PM
Check the hood hinge bolt on the driver's side.Agreed. That's gotta be something simple/stupid.

Good luck.

03-17-11, 01:14 AM
Was soooo gonna suggest that too. Twas one of the many interesting rattles I've diagnosed over time.

Trading in the 03 Ford truck prolly wasn't the best move from a quality/durability standpoint. This car needs much more TLC. But you will love it when you press the go pedal.

03-17-11, 01:25 AM
Aside from the issues I love the car, when you open it up it drives great. It just pisses me off that they're hanging me out to dry. Legally they're probably in the right but imo you don't sell a 25k car and tell the owner to get bent 10 days later, you try to fix the issue. If we were at day 61 I wouldn't be pissed, I'd just take my lumps and deal with them but day 10? These aren't items you foresee breaking, I've never owned/driven a car where the hood rattled or the service airbag warning came on. The POS '07 cobalt with manual windows and locks they gave me as a loaner didn't have a hood that shook or rattled at freeway speeds and the sensor for the passenger airbag seemed to work fine.

03-17-11, 10:45 AM
Check the hood hinge bolt on the driver's side.

This...and if the bolt is tight get some small plastic washers from Home Depot to shim up the gap.

At least they're trying to fix it and giving you a free loaner...most dealerships wouldn't do that.

As far as trouble getting into reverse, you probably need to bleed your clutch...what does the fluid look like?

03-17-11, 11:40 AM
At least they're trying to fix it and giving you a free loaner...most dealerships wouldn't do that.

I guess I don't know if it's a Minnesota nice sort of thing or what, but I've had much better experiences dealing with other dealers after the sale.

My first car was a $4000 Ford Thunderbird from a Dodge dealer, I had the car for like two weeks and got a flat tire. Turned out the spare was garbage too, bought myself a new tire and asked Dodge if they'd do anything about the spare. They said bring it in and got me setup with a new one. It was an as-is situation and I'm sure they could've told me to get bent but they made it right and still made some money off the deal. Now my girlfriend goes there for oil changes on her RAM instead of the dealer she bought it at based on my recommendation.

My second car was a Volvo, bought it from a Lincoln dealer. Had it 10 days before I noticed a dent in the hood. Asked them if they'd take a look at it and they said no problem bring it in and we'll have our PDR guy take a look at it. Being a Lincoln dealer that sold me a Volvo I never was able to send more business their way but it left a good impression.

Get to the Cadillac and you think they'd want to leave a similar impression, I'm a 25 year old who spent his money at a Cadillac dealer instead of Ford or Chevy and I need to get my car serviced at GM dealer according to the extended warranty. I think the 50k service is like $700. I'm not to likely to take it back to Key for that, not to mention the 50 years of buying power and referrals they're losing out on. I traded in a loaded '03 F150 supercrew for the CTS-V, I only had it two years. Who's to say in 2 more I don't want an Escalade EXT or maybe in 4 more I'll upgrade to an '09 V. They already made money off the sale, and more money off the trade-in seems to me you take the $600 hit to make a customer happy and hope it pays off in the future.

As far as trouble getting into reverse, you probably need to bleed your clutch...what does the fluid look like?

I tried getting the dealer to do this as well, but they won't even look at it since they can't reproduce the problem. Nevermind it's only an issue when cold and they've only had the car for a couple of hours each time.

03-17-11, 01:31 PM
Lets see...I bought my car with a 30 day warranty.

Drive it home and within a week the headlight is flickering, tire has a slow leak, and the passenger door module went out.

Had to fix it all myself...I feel your pain