: XM Downloading New Info......

03-16-11, 01:20 PM
I tried to check the weather on the infotainment screen yesterday and got the message that "XM is downloading new information...may take a few minutes." That same message persists today. I renewed XM a couple of weeks ago (XM Everything). Would that have something to do with this problem? I guess I can go to their website and request a reactivation of the radio but I'm receiving the individual channels just not the weather. Any suggestions?

03-16-11, 04:46 PM

03-16-11, 06:52 PM
Those screen shots of "travellink" do not look familiar. Mine just had a three or four day weather forecast and it did not appear to be as detailed as the screen shots for travellink. I guess I didn't realize XM was delivering the weather. I thought it was a part of OnStar. Oh well, it's not worth an extra $2.00 to me. Thank you for the response.

03-18-11, 12:43 AM
While we're on the topic....

My free weather trial ran out, and the info on the screen wasn't showing anything but "no data" here and there on the screen. I called and paid for the service and waited for it to update.... but something doesn't seem quite right now. Here's the image from SRX navigation manual PDF:


See the square window off to the right? Mine is now blank, with "no data" showing right below it. Everything else is working though. My question is, what is supposed to be in that square?

It only started back working moments before I turned the vehicle off after a long trip today, so info may not fully be downloaded yet.

Any replies would greatly be appreciated.

03-18-11, 01:43 PM
OK, how do you get to this screen? I have a 2010 SRX with XM everthing. When I select weather I just get all the floor warnings in my area.
I got the owner's manual out and found the answer so please excuse the post.

03-31-11, 11:48 PM
I'm having the same problem with my 2011. No weather. All blank info and no traffic warnings either. had the car in twice for it. Still nothing. Also, when I start the car , I get the same songs on the same CD's playing over and over, even if I was in another CD when I turned the car off!. I'm so sick of Whitney Huston! I do have "Shuffle" checked too.