: what did you pay for the last vehicle you purchased

03-15-11, 07:59 PM
what was the final or is the final purchase price of the last vehicle you bought if you financed it and have not paid it off yet what will you have paid when you pay your last payment

for me it would be 9200 23 months ago when i make my last payment next month
for the 2000 seville SLS
wich had under 100k at time of purchase
only problem it had was the Plenum leak dealer i bought it from took care of that for free when it happened 2 days after purchase and it was sold As Is but that still paid it

what was yours

03-15-11, 11:47 PM
$1,200 :cool2:

cadillac kevin
03-15-11, 11:52 PM

03-16-11, 08:02 AM
$2700 for an '01 Escort ZX2. I think I paid too much for this one. Anyway it'll save me some gas money as a daily beater.

03-16-11, 08:53 AM
Paid $1900 for the wagon.

03-16-11, 07:05 PM

$1 (Yes. One dollar.)


$1500 Came with free Willie Nelson cassette tape!

$1200 minus 37 cents found in the back seat bringing the total to $1199.63 :cool:

03-16-11, 11:33 PM
$41G '11 Town Car.

03-16-11, 11:42 PM
$1385 for a "2010" Craftsman 42' deck auto trans garden tractor with 2-bin leaf attachment. 21 hp B&S V-twin.

cadillac kevin
03-16-11, 11:57 PM
I didnt know free change took away from the purchase price.
in that case, I paid $1498.97.
does a tony bennett cassette take away from the purchase price too? thats gotta take off at least another 25 cents.

03-17-11, 12:43 AM
$7,750 for the Sabrina (not bad for a cream puff that was originally $45K), $999 for Cruella (given to my niece for free), $3,000 for Betty in 1999.

03-17-11, 01:08 PM
$1 (Yes. One dollar.)

I'm assuming you were given the car and did that to make it legal?

03-17-11, 06:38 PM
Was a 78 F series with a bad trans. Traded it to my uncle for a junkyard engine for my grand marquis. He later painted it and sold it for $3K. Win - win.

03-17-11, 08:28 PM
I'm assuming you were given the car and did that to make it legal?

im also wondeirng this it must have been a gift not sure why the 1 is in there maybe state law has to have it

my dad used to give me cars and my brothers and sister in law and when ever he would sell a car to someone els they always put 0 and wrote it was a gift
that way it was leagle and no one had to pay sales tax
but you can only do that with up to 5 cars a year in ohio
and i think in cleveland if you sell more then 9 cars a year you are considered a dealer wich i don't understand

johnny kannapo
03-17-11, 11:00 PM

03-17-11, 11:02 PM

what vehicle was that

that 96 eldo ? is so i hope you didnt just recently buy it lol

03-18-11, 01:49 AM
$650 for my POS 93 Toyota truck. Love that little bugger, runs and drives fantastic. I've put 1500 miles on it the past couple of months, its proved to be a reliable beast.

5 speed and RWD is fun to screw around with in the snow/rain as well. The body is so beat up I could really care less if I scratch it, somebody runs into it, it gets a new dent or whatever. But if it were stolen or totaled in a wreck, I'd be heartbroken.

03-19-11, 02:25 PM

03-20-11, 10:11 PM
25 or 6 to 4, not sure...

03-21-11, 01:33 AM
Spinning room is sinking deep...

03-21-11, 04:50 AM
12,200 for an 02 Chevy Silverado 3/4 ton 4 door 2WD with 23,000 miles.

03-21-11, 11:19 PM
2000 bucks on my 03 SLS...