: Looking to fix and order some parts..

03-15-11, 03:02 PM
I have a 1999 Seville STS

I got these codes and trying to fix these issues. Any help in this area would be great.

C1252 - a problem with either the left front strut or its electrical connector.
U1255 - Voltage or data transmision fault.
C1711 - Goes with C1252 - RSS (Road Sensing Suspension). Something is wrong with the strut control circuit.
C1738 - The ELC (rear shock Electronic Level Control) compressor solenoid exhaust assembly has a fault. Up in the RR wheel well liner.
C1783 - Chassis Control system - this is a new one on me.

Not sure if it's something I just need to replace or what yet. Just trying to figure it out as I just got the car about a week ago.

03-15-11, 06:08 PM
best place for this question would be in the 'seville/eldorado' forum

once the experts there have helped you figure out which parts to order come back and we can talk parts and prices...

but first... are you pulling your own codes through the onboard computer? or are you using a scan tool?
second... are those codes all current? or some history? or are there other history codes that you didn't list?

if you're not using the onboard computer to pull the codes read the sticky in the seville/eldo forum about pulling your own codes and do it yourself
then write down all the codes and note history or current
then go back to the sticky and follow the link to the obd2 code definitions and write down what those codes mean

then start your own thread with the codes and definitions and any other info that you think might help....

you will get a lot more help that way instead of just posting the codes expecting the other members to go look them up and figure out what they mean


03-15-11, 07:14 PM
Yea I made a post, trying to narrow down what the issues are. Those are all current codes history was cleared. Going to see if I can figure it out. Once I do I will be back. ;)


03-16-11, 04:29 PM
Ok, it looks like there's some good responses in that thread to point you in a good direction to start diagnosing this