: Some of The Fastest Street Cars in the World

John Hennessey
03-15-11, 12:20 PM
Will be in the Houston area later this week for the TX2K11 event. This event was started 11 years ago by my friend Peter Blach as a meet for Toyota Supras. Over the years it has evolved to include just about any kind of late-model performance car. Mostly street cars with a few dedicated race cars.

I would guess that there will be approx. 100 cars running around with 800+ rw hp and maybe 30 cars running over 1000 rw hp. Again, mostly street cars including: Supras, Lambos, Porsches, Corvettes, Vipers, GTR's, Ford GT's and maybe a few Cadillacs.

The event starts with a road race event this Thursday with a road racing event at Grand Sport Speedway. Then dyno day on Friday with drag racing on Saturday and Sunday - all held at our Lonestar Motorsports Park / Hennessey Performance campus west of Houston.

The dyno day on Friday is probably my favorite event and I will guess that there will be 1500-2000 people there along with some very powerful, interesting street cars.

I would like to invite all Cadillac owners and fans in the area to come out and check out this event. It is truly a one of a kind motorsports event. And I will guess that it is the single largest gathering of diverse, powerful / fast street cars, owners and enthusiasts all in one place for a few days.

If you are able to attend just 1-2 events, then I would suggest you come see the dyno day and then the drag race finals on Sunday.

You can check out complete details here:


03-15-11, 12:41 PM
Are in my garage...