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Cadi Cat
03-14-11, 08:03 PM
Finally had a nice day to fit my new add-on. Found this on e-bay over the winter and couldn't wait to get it on. Thinking about repainting the grill now. Too much black. I think a chrome grill under this would look sweet. I'm really liking the new look though. And protection it offers.


03-15-11, 12:32 AM
Lookin good. Just need to get rid of those cheezy side vents. :P

03-15-11, 03:23 AM
First one i have ever seen but its not too bad looking... i kinda like it!

03-15-11, 04:18 AM
I love it but the two bumps on the top kill it I wish they sold a smooth version ...

03-15-11, 02:10 PM
fake exhaust ports make the car go fake faster!

03-15-11, 07:55 PM
Wow! I was just talking to my wife about how you never see bras anymore. Looks good. Bad for your paint though. Itll trap dust in there and rub it into your paint. But it still looks awesome. I agree about those god damned "Buick" vents. Ditch those things.

03-16-11, 09:56 AM
LOL Id rather you have a big ass exhaust tip then those vents...
The vents remind me of the BUICK Exclusive park ave model... kinda old folk think its good kinda thing!

Otherwise the car is clean!

03-16-11, 07:01 PM
yeah.. I agree about the vents.. gotta go.. ha.. the bra... Im on the fence about it.. I think if the edges around the grill where a grey leather.. it would really set it off nicely.
I have had several bras on cars.. never had an issue with paint, but I would remove and clean under it every so often, wax and all... it will rub the paint off otherwise, and collect leaves and such to creat rust and rot from moisture.

Overall .. its a unique look.. and aint that why we have the catera to begin with?? so mission accomplished I think!

03-16-11, 10:13 PM
I wonder if they ever made one from factory