: Question on Northstar small cover bolts, what size wrench?

03-14-11, 12:39 PM
This is probably a stupid question, but I am the new owner of an 04 V-8 SRX. I was tinkering a little over the weekend, and noticed a tiny leakage of coolant, possibly coming from one of the front covers near the water pump. I was checking the cover bolts and they seem to be 10mm, but my 12 point sockets (Craftsman) were kind of loose and I was afraid I'd strip the head if I applied the proper torque. No SAE sizes were closer. I guess maybe I need to get some six point 10mm sockets for this application. Has anyone else run into this?

03-14-11, 12:47 PM
I try to never use a 12 point socket and indeed have bought only 6 pt sockets for the last several years. The Northstar is a metric engine and although I don't know exactly which bolts you are talking about, I do know that a 10mm, 13mm and 15 mm will handle almost anything on the outside of the engine. My guess is a 6pt 10mm and you will be ok. I am sure it is not an SAE size fastener. My Northstars have all been front wheel drive so that is the best I can offer you.

03-14-11, 01:09 PM
Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give them a go with a 6 pt and see what happens. I have lost all of my 6 pt 10mm's. Guess I should replace them anyway.

03-14-11, 03:07 PM
I just threw away all my 12 points and replaced them with 6 points. Got tired of rounding bolt heads.