: bugger - Drivers side front spring snapped !

03-13-11, 12:44 PM
it was fine yesterday and then just as we were setting off to Costco we hearda strange noise like a plastic bottle stuck under the car when we went over a bump.

When we got home had a proper look and there it is a snapped spring.

Anybody got any idea's how much this is going to cost me ?

I can buy a Saab 9-3 spring from Euro Car Parts for £50 but fitting ££££

03-14-11, 12:05 PM
Saab forums seem to have figures of about £130 fitting costs (ie just labour) for a front pair.

Having read your email I did a search on "Saab broken spring" and I saw lots of web sites and forums indicating that broken front spings is not an uncommon problem on Saabs. Indeed many seemed to get the replaced by Saab free of charge or with 50% goodwill even when out of warranty.

Some also mentioned replacing them with Eibach units for better handling. Would be a lot more to replace all 4 though.

Good luck, and please keep us posted on how you get on.

03-14-11, 01:32 PM
spoke with the local independant garage I use for MOT's and he said I'd be looking at approx £110+Vat per side.

Do I need to replace both at the same time ? I've never had a spring go before.

03-14-11, 02:20 PM
after reading this http://www.saabscene.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31635698

I wonder if it's worth phoning Cadillac UK if I can find the phone number and see if they will pay out on it as it's a major problem for Saab drivers

03-15-11, 02:24 PM
after email last night to the email address on the Cadillac Euro website I recieved this message back

Thank you for your email enquiry to Cadillac, Corvette, Hummer. Please note this email address is now out of service. For further assistance please contact Klintberg & Way via customersupport@klintbergway.com or on
+800-8680 8800 or +46-8680 8864. Thank You

I have emailed the new email address and this morning they emailed back asking for the VIN number which I have provided.
Also sent a picture of the current mileage (29k) as to proof that the springs should not fail after a short time.

lets see what comes back from them. Hopefully they will do a good will and pay for the work to be carried out - fingers crossed !

03-15-11, 04:51 PM
Sorry to hear your news. Snapped coil springs are a daily occurance in a Saab dealership workshop. In Saab world it is a minefield of part numbers even with a chassis number in EPC. The important details required for exact part number interpretation are the suspension codes found at the bottom of the adhesive VIN sticker usually found in one of the front door shuts. Because of this factor it is hard for aftermarket suppliers to provide springs to match the exact specifications of the vehicle.

If you are concerned about handling I would stick to genuine parts. Saab 9-3 (9440) front coil springs are only available as a pair and retail at approx £95.00 plus VAT depending on part number.

My advice would be to contact Bauer and Millet and get them to quote you the part number to suit your chassis number and Cadillac retail price and then compare this to a Saab dealer price.

If you get stuck drop me a line.


03-15-11, 04:53 PM
I'm hoping that I get an email back from this new place saying they are going to pay and advise me to contact BM

03-15-11, 04:57 PM
Just had another thought.

The average labour time for a pair of front springs is approx 1.5 hours. Average Saab labour rate is approx £90 plus VAT per hour.

If Cadillac Europe carry out their warranty procedures in a similar way to Saab, then the work will have to be carried out by an authorised dealer or aftersales centre. If you don't have one near to you then it would be cheaper to pay for the repair yourself rather than driving half way round the country to the nearest dealer.

Hope that this helps.

03-15-11, 06:06 PM
Bauer Millet is about 20 mins away from me

03-16-11, 09:37 AM
Regarding case #55514, Re: Broken Front Spring

Dear Mr. Foster,

We regret to inform you that, according to the information available at the moment there are no special policies for the Cadillac BLS and we cannot help you with a gesture of good will. We can only advise you to contact your closest GM authorised service center for technical and mechanical support. We are sorry we cannot be of further assistance for this time.


Cadillac Corvette Hummer
Customer Assistance Center
NAV Support

so looks like I have a big bill coming !

03-16-11, 02:00 PM
Not altogether a surprising response. Perhpas BM will have sway with GM/Cadillac. In the past, whenever I have had anything done under warranty or "goodwill", it has always been the service centre who have argued and discussed the case with the car manufacturer. I have never had to contact manufacturer directly. Perhpas BM will have some influence and will be better able to argue your case. Good luck putting the argument to BM about the evidence of Saab customers experiencing same failure at low mileages, but you don't have much choice about getting it fixed.

03-19-11, 06:04 PM
All this talk of snapped springs got me a little worried. I've had a metallic jangling sound every time I went over sleeping policeman, so I had all four wheels off today to check my own springs and shocks. Thankfully, it was just a small stone which had got inside the offside rear brake disc guard and it was rattling about. Absolute git to get out. At least I managed to give all the springs and shocks a good wipe down in the process.

03-19-11, 06:19 PM
Mines booked in for new springs on Thursday !
£80 for the pair and £65+vat per side fitting

03-20-11, 03:17 PM
So, are you having Caddy springs or Saab? (Undoubtedly they will be the same anyway, but with different part numbers straight out of the GM parts bin) or some other make? 80 quid for the pair is pretty good. Is that BM or a local garage?

03-20-11, 04:16 PM
Cadillac part number but I guess it's Saab parts in the end,
it's a local garage to me, BM's labour rates are way way to high

03-20-11, 05:58 PM

I am unable to reply to private messages at the moment due to being a new member.

If you message me back with the part number obtained from BM for the coils springs I will be happy to cross reference these to Saab. It would also be helpful to have the current retail price for comparison.

I will be trading BLS/9-3 parts on ebay as of 6th April. I have noticed during my research that a BLS part supplied by a Cadillac dealer that is also a shared Saab component is much more expensive through the Cadillac dealer (Typical greedy GM!) Seeing that there is a lack of options available on the internet for the supply of BLS parts, my main objective is to offer my knowledge and experience with quality genuine or aftermarket parts at a more realistic price.

Hopefully all you other BLS owners will appreciate what I am trying to achieve whilst exploiting a gap in the market.



03-21-11, 02:23 PM

the part number I got from a dealer (wasn't BM) is 93190636
the local Saab dealers said that was the code for a head gasket
but that code came from a Caddy dealer down south, he checked it against
my orignal reg number (FN06***) and he came back with a twin pack of springs

he quoted £125+vat for them, but I have got them for £80 inc

04-10-11, 02:14 AM
I am still awaiting the garage to be able to get hold of the front springs !

They have phoned Cadillac UK (MK) and they said they could get them at £195+vat but it would be 2 weeks.
The place they have ordered from are now saying any day now, the garage seems a bit upset that they are making me wait. They are a great bunch of blokes, I know as soon as they have them I'll get the call and it'll be done!.

04-17-11, 08:51 AM
still waiting for the parts !

I hope it's done before Easter !

05-18-11, 12:50 PM
well just over 2 mths and the BLS is back on the road and I'm £500 worse off !

05-19-11, 01:24 AM
2 springs = 2 months & £500? Ouch. That is something to bear in mind every time one approaches a speed hump.

05-19-11, 08:28 AM
yeah, the car feels great again now,

Might have a trip to South Stack Lighthouse at the weekend as been waiting for a road trip for a while

05-19-11, 01:20 PM

the hole story with the springs.... could be a real problem.


Well if we'll remember, GM was with Saab at the time our BLS was developed and build.

Opel ( Vauxhall) is also with GM. Our BLS is on the same base as the Saab 9.3 and the Opel Vectra.
My father in law owns a Vectra, below 50.000 km and round about 5 years old.
Short one: two weeks ago one of the front springs broke.

I made some phone calls for him for a qoute. I called a free Opel service and what made me wonder was the reaction from them: this is a well known bug within the Vectra series and happens very often.

Due to that (and please don't :kick:or :gun:or :hitstick: me) I woun'd be surprised if we'll see some more postings about springs.



05-21-11, 09:55 AM
The one thing that has really annoyed me is that fact the Cadillac dont care about thier customers.
Saab have been replacing the duff parts and not charging anything for the work to be done as they know it's an issue
but Cadillac just said sorry your out of warranty you deal with it !

I got mine sent up from Whitequay Cadillac - (in the real world Whitequay Saab), but they changed the price 3 times on the springs.

But I still like my car, every time I see it it makes me smile

03-22-12, 03:25 PM
it was fine yesterday and then just as we were setting off to Costco we hearda strange noise like a plastic bottle stuck under the car when we went over a bump.

When we got home had a proper look and there it is a snapped spring.

Anybody got any idea's how much this is going to cost me ?

I can buy a Saab 9-3 spring from Euro Car Parts for £50 but fitting ££££

my driver side sping snapped to day we have just been qouted £200+ vat for the spring and a bout £100 to fit springs have to be purchased and fitted in pairs would not by the saab spring unless you know the exact type need as there are many different types of from spring cadillac like saab say they need to be replaced in pair to prevent handling problems Euro part told me that they could not recommend using the saab springs :ill:

03-23-12, 04:28 AM
try speaking to White Quay Cadillac/Saab I got my springs from there and had a local garage install them.

04-20-12, 10:01 AM
Well guys, I have been trying my hardest to buy a set of 'spare' front coil springs for my own BLS and it has turned out to be the quest from hell!

Basically, I have a part number, which is good and which has been confirmed from multiple GM garages and suppliers both here in the UK and in Sweden (yes, I've even emailed garages in Sweden!), as being the correct part number for my BLS based on my car VIN. The cost for these springs, which are an equivalent crossover part with Saab, is £79 + vat.

Trouble is, the lead time for delivery is, week 44 of this year! That is, week commencing 28 October 2012. I truly hope one of my springs doesn't snap! I have 'phoned in excess of 40 parts suppliers in the UK and there are none available. There is no alternative part number either, that is not to say though that I couldn't upgrade the whole spring set to Eibach or Hirsch but I ain't in the mood for spending that much money, even more so as my own car is still under warranty until the end of this year and I suspect Cadillac wouldn't like that should I need any warranty work doing. And even if I did, I would then have to tell my insurance company and I suppose then, my insurance premium would increase. Effectively, if one of my springs does snap, unless I fit some alternative spring, my car could conceivably be off the road for months!

My advice guys - drive carefully!

04-20-12, 12:20 PM
Not good news. I wonder what Cadillac Customer Services would say about this non-existant customer service .Have you contacted them about springs?


04-20-12, 02:08 PM
To be honest Maz mate, I've had the misfortune of voluntarily contacting the agent in Sweden on two occasions and I was not impressed one iota with the responses I got!

The quest in the search for these springs has been met from the very helpful, to unhelpful, to the downright rude! One business I contacted claimed the part number I provided had been superceded and could sell me the new coils which they had in stock, immediately. When I asked for the part number so I could check with GM, they then suddenly declined to help me! Sorry, I'm not that dim! I'd never just cough up cash taking someones word for it that the coils would fit without checking with Cadillac or Saab! I subsequently found out that the part number for the coils has not been superceded at all, they are just not available, anywhere, at this time. Agents at garages in Sweden have told me that much!

I have gained the impression that there are some people out there who might be deliberately taking advantage of the situation, especially when it comes to price. Every Saab and Vauxhall dealer I have spoken to, have been very professional and very helpful with my enquiry and have confirmed the price being £79 + vat for a pair of coil springs, whilst some other businesses have claimed they cost anything up to £200. I aint in the mood for being ripped off by anyone!

So for now, I'm just going to drive very carefully and hope that my springs stay intact. My low mileage should help, but I assure everyone, once the springs become available, I'll be opening my wallet and hanging a pair of spare springs up in the garage.

In terms of other spares such as brake pads/discs and other common service consumables, I have now sussed out some of the crossover part numbers for original GM parts for equivalent parts in the Vauxhall (Vectra/Insignia/Saab 9-3) range which fit my BLS because some of the models share the same braking system for example. I was chuffed to bits for instance, to get genuine GM rear brake pads for just £15 off the famous auction site, less than half the price of the dealership.

07-14-12, 08:12 AM
Dear all,

Have read your posts about the front spring and as I have noticed, then it is still not 100% clear which SAAB 9-3 spring to ask from the dealer. I went to a pats dealer and he wanted to have more info; e.g. the 9-3 has different springs for Aero-series, sports, regular and of course BLS VIN-code doesn`t help here.

So far I have successfully managed to buy other parts to my BLS via SAAB 9-3 catalog, e.g. anti-roll rods costed only 20€ per left&right and AC radiator I got brand new for 107€ (OEM asked 250€).

So if anybody could tell which SAAB 9-3 model I must refer to in order to get springs for BLS, then please let me know.

By the way I have 2007 BLS, automatic gearbox, 2.0Turbo, 129kW.

All relevant info is welcome,
Thank You all in advance ;)
Risto from Estonia.

07-15-12, 11:15 AM
Try contact Whitequay saab in Bracknell UK they might be able to help, thats were I got my springs from and they had the full Cadillac parts system

07-17-12, 06:41 AM
Thanks a lot!!!

07-26-12, 03:23 PM
I contacted Whitequay asking them about getting springs and I was informed that the springs could be sourced. Given that I had already contacted numerous agents including Bauer-Millett and other parts suppliers and received exactly the same information from all that the springs would be unavailable until the end of October this year, I wonder exactly how they could achieve this! At the end of the day as far as I am aware, new coil springs for the BLS are unavailable until some come through the supply chain. Now that I have the correct part number for the coil springs, price dependant, if I can get them through a Vauxhall dealer when they become available again, then I will do so.

I've even managed to find a couple of BLS's in scrap yards that still have their coil springs intact. Trouble is, the dismantlers are only interested in selling the strut (shock absorber) with it and charging an inflated price to boot. Why anyone would want to buy a second hand shock absorber is completely beyond me! I suppose one could say the same about a coil spring!

As far as I'm aware, there aren't any so called 'direct compatible' replacement springs that can be swapped over with the 9-3. I'm aware it is in all likelihood possible, but the springs have colour coded dots on them that are specific to the marque of vehicle. Saab haven't got the same colour coded springs that the BLS has. In truth, if the worst happens, I will just pop along to a Saab dealer or Saab independent, work out through kerb weight etc what 9-3 compares with the BLS and shove a set of Saab coil springs on.

08-11-12, 09:11 AM
As it was impossible to find a solution from all the Cad forums, then I took the risk and went to a SAAB part dealer (a corner shop, not original service).
We went thru the catalog for SAAB 9-3 Aero and we checked how many different options there are. :hmm:

You might think why I went straight to Aero: the reason was that the selection was quite wide and I thought the Aero model should represent the more "sportish"-style. And as the BLS suspension has proven it is not typical American "softy", then why not Aero! :rolleyes:

So I took those Aero springs and told that if they are way too different, then I will bring them back and get the money back as well (the cost was 75€ per one spring). Below you may see a picture (pic. 2) from the exact product that I purchased.

When I put my original (snapped, pic. 1) spring next to the Aero spring, then it was approx. 2cm higher, all other dimensions were exactly the same. So I installed them (if you have at least some technical knowledge, then it is an easy job - but make sure you have the tools, because SPRING REMOVAL CAN OTHERWISE BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS). Surprisingly the car height looks exactly the same - at least you can`t make the difference (pic. 3). The driving feels the same and I haven`t made the difference yet whether it is softer or harder. :bouncy:
The car screams for bigger rims, 17" just doesn`t fill the space - couldn`t blame springs on that... :cool:


08-13-12, 04:43 PM
Well done Risto!

The ride height from your photo looks pretty much the same as my own on original springs. Don't forget, your new springs will likely sag a little once they have some miles under them. I'm a little surprised you didn't go the whole hog and stick some new Bilstein standard shocks on a the same time or at least the Saab 9-3 listed equivalents made by Sachs I think. I noticed too, that your original coil spring, the coloured coded dots don't match mine. Mine have a red, green and two pink spots!

I did actually contact Lesjofors here in the UK, but they couldn't match anything up for me just going through part numbers. It seems that you have indeed done the hard work! I've made a note of the part number just in case I get a snapped one!

01-14-13, 09:16 AM
Saab forums seem to have figures of about £130 fitting costs (ie just labour) for a front pair.

Having read your email I did a search on "Saab broken spring" and I saw lots of web sites and forums indicating that broken front spings is not an uncommon problem on Saabs. Indeed many seemed to get the replaced by Saab free of charge or with 50% goodwill even when out of warranty.

Some also mentioned replacing them with Eibach units for better handling. Would be a lot more to replace all 4 though.

Good luck, and please keep us posted on how you get on.

** I am trying to find two parts for my Cadillac BLS 1.9 D DSL - I am not certain even what they are, but the shop my Caddy is in gave me the part nymbers to see if I would have any luck finding them.
I have the parts numbers I am looking for:
93190638  this is the part I desperately need as the above part should be delivered this week possibly!

I don't know if I should look into replacing the who suspension with Eibach parts, but I am not even certain on how to go about this. My BLS has been in the shop now for 3 months and they say the one part will not be delivered until March, if so I am not a happy Caddy driver!
If anyone has any suggestions or knows of anywhere this part can be ordered from faster than 2-3 months, please let me know!

01-14-13, 01:42 PM
duriseks, I sympathise with you, but I would not have allowed my own car to be off the road for so long. Exactly who has your car? I'd have gone mad by now if it hadn't been sorted. You must be extremely patient!

If you read the thread about 'knocking suspension', you will note that the part number you require, 93190638, has not been available for at least a year. Some BLS owners have had no choice but to bite the bullet and have alternative 9-3 springs fitted. My biggest gripe about that, is that no one will tell me what alternative Saab part number they would supply. That to me is not good enough. 93190638 are apparently due back in the supply chain sometime next month and I will be buying a set once they finally become available. I toyed with the idea of fitting Eibach or HR springs, but I like the ride and comfort I have. The style of driving I do does not warrant uprated sport springs.

As for part number 93190088, well that is a new one on me. It shows up as a valid part but it isn't the spring fitted to my car.

01-14-13, 02:46 PM
I googled 93190088 BLS and found these---



01-15-13, 04:36 AM
Thank guys for the help:

I wish I had the Saab 9-5 part number for the spring????? Anyway, this is what my local Caddilac Service manager wrote to me about my findings:

"I am not sure if saab 9-5 or saab 9-3 has the same suspension system as cadillac BLS so i can not advise you in this case, concernig the aftermarket parts, i am trying to get some aftermarket part but none of our aftermarket supplyer is offering that spring we need and this is the reason why i am waiting for the original one, if you will find anyone who can supply the spring that we need, it would be great because the next part we are waiting for(the spring strut) will be here in our workshop on 21.01.2013 so we can exchange the parts and you will be able to use your car.

S pozdravom/Best Regards

Marek Mlynár | Servis vozidiel, poistné udalosti, garancie
TODOS, s.r.o. | Panónska cesta 32 | 851 04 Bratislava | Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421 2 5556 6666 | Mobil: +421 907 973 251 Email: mlynar@todos.sk | www.cadillac-bratislava.sk | www.corvette-bratislava.sk | www.todos.sk


BTW: Waiting since the very beginning of November, Patience is a virtue! I don't have much other choice. I actually had to rent a vehicle for my Holiday Travel, cost 300 euros for 10 days! So I am out of pocket money that I should not have ever had to pay, if I hadn't kissed a curb with my right front tire! Complaining is not an option, as we contact the service station, dealer here in Slovakia enough for them to put my e-mails into the Spam file! LOL.....
I appreciate your help, and will post my photos of my car on this blog, before the accident! I love the car, I grew up with both my parents driving Cadillac Sevilles (His and Hers) matching, the only diofference was the "man version" had the larger front promienet grill! They were spectacular vehicles. Electronic suspension with automatic height adjustment and every bell and whistle possible back in the 80's. The cars were like riding in a true Cadillac, my BLS is much more sporty and handles like any European sedan of comparison, but the Caddy is a stand out in the crowd of BMW, Audi, and Mercs in Slovakia! People start at it like it is some sort of spaceship! It feel sgood to be an American, driving a GM car only made for European roads!
So, thanks.... You guys have lots of knowledge I am learning and trying to absorb.. Does anyone know where I can get the GPS DVD for Central Europe? I found one online, but when I burned it to disk, dual layer DVD, it wouldn't play! I would love to get the ISO file to make a copy to use while I travel in not only my home country now, but also in Croatia where I spend my Holidays.

01-15-13, 04:56 AM
My car in Croatia 2012! waiting for the ferry to Split from Supetar.. see attachment!

01-15-13, 04:59 AM

see this link:


If you translate it using google translate or similar, it would appear this particular seller might have stock of 93190638. When I translated the page to English, it states 'stock available subject to verification'. Can't you get your Caddy dealer to contact them to make sure?

Oh, by the way, concerning the NAV DVD for Central Europe. To be honest, you would be better off getting a TomTom or Garmin or similar. I don't use my in built Satnav because it is now so out of date, that it just isn't worth using. I use my TomTom all the time because it has HD Live Traffic Services, something the inbuilt satnav doesn't. When I enquired about getting a new nav disc, I was informed that it would cost £600 for a new disc! Again, you could buy a complete brand new radio/nav unit for the same price. Some extremely good offerings from the likes of Kenwood and Pioneer out there!

01-15-13, 06:19 AM
Thanks man... I have a Garmin Sat, but it sticks to my front window, I don't like the cable running from the poer socket.. I found a few Torrent sites that may have the DVD...If I find it for our kenwood I will upload and share with you all! The Westrn Europe DVD is everywhere, even updated to 2012, but the central Europe disk is not to be found so far! It shares the same maps as the Saab and Land Rover for some reason, but all are hard to find for my region. Anyway... just got the call from by Service center, and they found an aftermarket part for my coil spring issue! I get the part in two weeks, so will be driving my car once again, knock on wood, before the end of January! So a full 3 months of no car and a whole lot of exercise! Cheers everyone! Seems your posted comments and advice paid off, especially when I quoted a good deal of information I found here in an E-mail to my service manager! He actually called me to let me know he was ordering the part...I said simly, "what are you waiting for, order it"
So. I will be back on the road and even if 300 Euros out of my pocket for a rental for 10 days, I will be a hell of a lot more careful and will avoid those damn curbs!

01-15-13, 06:44 AM

That is good news about your springs, hope you are back on the road soon.

If you can, would you be able to post the brand/make and part number of the springs your dealer is supplying? That would be useful for us all I think!

04-25-13, 03:14 PM
Seeing as it's been so quiet on the forum lately, I thought I'd raise this thread - again!

Well I've been pursuing a lead for the last two months concerning the supply of the correct springs for the 1.9 tid BLS but my contact cannot order them in.

After doing further research, I've discovered that Lesjofors coil springs, part number 4077816 listed by Lesjofors in their current catalogue, are the correct replacement front springs specifically listed under Cadillac BLS standard chassis (i.e not lowered suspension) and that they are also the same fit for the equivalent Saab 9-3 diesel YS3F Z19DTH. http://webshoppilot.tecdoc.net/lesjofors/home.jsp just click on simplified search.

Several months ago, I contacted Lesjofors UK and at the time, they were unable to tell me if they produced a replacement spring for the BLS 1.9 diesel, seems that things have moved on.

Anyway, spare pair of Lesjofors coil springs now being purchased. My research via the web, also suggests that Lesjofors produce/d coil springs as OE for Saab, so I have no issues buying these.

04-25-13, 03:59 PM
Thanks for your tenacity ExRPO1, and thanks for adding to the useful repository of data in this forum which will be of use in the future as we strive to keep our BLSs on the road.

I see we can buy those from one two sellers and Ebay. Am I correct in assuming that those are for the front springs only and not the rear, but if the 9-3 springs are okay for the front then it is highly likely that the 9-3 springs for the rear would also be okay?

I eventually expect to have to replace shocks and springs, so the more knowledge about compatible Saab parts for my BLS estate the better.

04-25-13, 05:17 PM

No probs and thanks. I see that for the estate version no springs for the Cadillac are listed? However, if you look at the Saab listings in the 9-3 estate, the front springs are seemingly the same as the saloon BLS but the rear springs are different. You'd probably need the reinforced rear springs? By the way, research the web on prices, I've seen Lesjofors springs 4077816 for sale for as little as £21 each.

Off topic from the springs, but I've just replaced my old EGR for the uprated Pierburg unit, part number 55215031 (previously 55204250). My old EGR wasn't playing up particularly, though I had cleaned it once before, but I'd read so much about the fact Pierburg had revised the EGR, I decided to get one. Purchased from my local Fiat dealer with the genuine Fiat revised restrictor plate gasket (55225287) for £87. Advantages of buying from a main dealer, well the price wasn't much more than buying from elsewhere, plus they had the gasket in stock and I get the advantage of a full one year guarantee. Following is the gasket I'm on about:


When I took off my old EGR it was pretty coked up. I also cleaned the MAF sensor, though it wasn't too dirty. New EGR fitted with gasket. No problems encountered, no engine management lights, car pulls like a train. I'll recondition my old EGR when I can be bothered to keep as a spare.